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Wolf Capital

Hyped Mint

A first of its kind gamified lending & lending analytics platform. Bringing Pixel art appreciation under one roof with an All-Star lineup.

Wolf Capital is an analytics utility based project, that focusses on explicitly showing information on how much capital is flowing through the lending ecosystem but to also showcase their holders all the best opportunities to deploy capital across the highest volume protocols such as Frakt and SharkyFi. We all know how hard and annoying it is finding the best loan opportunities - this is why they built this analytics tool to make everything much easier for users.

Breakdown of the Project

Wolf Capital has partnered with all three lending protocals on solana to bring the first lending analytics and aggregation platform to our ecosystem. Our base analytics will be available pre mint. In addition to our analytics and aggregation, Wolf Capital has brought a new element of capital preservation to the project through our gamified lending system.
2000 Sol from mint will be dedicated to Wolf Capital's gamified lending system. This system aims to keep liquidity in the market rather than removing it, which boosts revenue streams and contributes to the growth of the ecosystem.
Wolf Capital's gamified lending system will allow holders to participate without being deemed a security due to profit share. As a Wolf Capital holder, you will have the ability to shop the loan markets through Sharkyfi, Frakt and Yawww. If you identify a solid loan opportunity and don't have your own liquidity, you can submit a "Loan Suggestion" within Wolf Capital's Discord. Any profits made from our gamified lending system will go towards paying Wolf Capital's staff to ensure stability.
Each suggestion you submit earns you points. Points earned through this process will appear on a leaderboard. Depending on the week, the top 5-10 users on the leaderboard, when a snapshot takes place, will qualify for a free Trait designed by one of thirteen artists on the Wolf Capital team. If we give 5 traits to the leaderboard that week it will be matched in airdrops for those who could not participate. Being on the leaderboard is the ONLY way to guarantee a free trait. These traits will be exclusive releases in limited quantities.

My Opinion

Honestly, I can see this utility being VERY useful for people who frequently loan out their SOL for other user's NFTs. If they actually can create a seamless process for their holders that makes the loaning system much easier to do, then this project will thrive. I can see Wolf Capital thriving after mint, but will settle at a given floor price for a long time until they release more utility for their holders. The way I look at this project is in the exact same way I look at NFTSoloist, the utility is spot on and very useful - but the NFTs will most likely never be at a very very high SOL floor price.

Therefore, you all want to be getting whitelist(s) and presale(s) for this! The project recently released a presale form for anyone to fill out for a chance of receiving a presale opportunity. I highly recommend everyone to fill this out thoroughly, sell yourself in each question on the form because the answers will truly matter.




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