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New Multichain Swap Tool WhirlTools Announces Services and Collaboration Bot for NFT Community

WhirlTools, a new multichain swap tool, has announced its utility services for the NFT community, along with a collaboration bot. The platform will offer direct weekly and monthly revenue sharing for Whirltools holders, as well as free access to all of the platform's services.

WhirlTools utility services will include platform fees, subscription-based options, and earnings from the platform's development sector, including launchpad, custom dapps, websites, and more. WhirlTools collaboration bot will help project founders build their communities and distribute whitelist spots, taking out all the stress and time-consuming nature of collaborations.

WhirlTools multichain swap tool, Whirlswap, will allow users to swap NFTs on their own native chain or cross-chain. The platform's NFT and Token Airdrop system will eliminate all the hassle associated with airdrops, while the P2P NFT Lending service will act as a safe middleman for both parties.

Other services offered by WhirlTools include the NFT Sender, Metadata Updater, Wallet and Portfolio Tracker, Project WL Application Hub, Discord Security Bots, and Raffles.

Although a timeline is not guaranteed, WhirlTools is confident in the team's ability and dedication. A DAO calendar will be established and holders will be able to see the platform's daily performance and progress. The team's drive will be unparalleled, and they welcome competition with open arms.

WhirlTools supply will be limited to 333 NFTs, with each one receiving a revenue share from all of the platform's mentioned services. New services will also be added in the future.

The team behind WhirlTools has already established connections in the NFT space and has proven its skills throughout their career. The Art Is created by 1/1 artist Fate, an experinced and gifted artist amongst the 1/1 art scene. The supply is low and you should look into this one.

WhirlTools Link's

Twitter: Click Here

Whitepaper: Click Here

Discord: TBA

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