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Vtopia: Building a Technological Utopia in Web3

Vtopia, a technological hub that aims to create a Utopia in Web3, has announced plans to utilize top-tier technology from the Solana Ecosystem and combine it with the Vtopia Marketplace. The platform aims to offer a unique user experience and rewards participation, with a focus on creating a community-based ecosystem that gives back to its users.

Vtopia is set to become the first multi-chain marketplace that shares a significant portion of its revenue with its base of Vtopia Gen 0 and Gen 1 NFT holders and non-holders. The platform boasts innovative technology such such as a decentralized reward mechanism in $SOL, non-fungible credit (NFCs), multi-asset credit score, global trait-based bidding, P2P chat on bids, headshot utility feed-based trading, launchpad with NFT vending machine, NFT mortgages, and an on-chain borrowing/lending platform with an on-chain credit score.

To ensure a top-notch user experience, Vtopia is forming a Council comprising top people in the Solana Ecosystem. The Council members will get early beta access to help review the UI, make recommendations, and advise on any changes they would like to see. The platform also plans to gather user feedback constantly to enhance user experience.

Vtopia offers several benefits to its holders, including discounted marketplace trading fees, membership in the VTOPIAN DAO, and discounted fees for the Headshot Advanced Buyer's utility tool, Gen 0 and Gen 1 NFT airdrops and priority in pre-sales and whitelists. Additionally, Gen 0 and Gen 1 holders receive exclusive airdrops from Solana Spaces and benefits at their physical locations.

The platform generates revenue from various streams such as transaction fees from multiple chains, launchpad services, developer and consulting services, and more. The revenue share breakdown is as follows: 43% goes to the team, 25% to Gen 1 rewards pool, 3.5% to Gen 0 rewards pool, and 28.5% to the rewards pool for marketplace daily traders. Launchpad revenue provides 35% of Vtopia's net revenue to Gen 0 and Gen 1 holders.

Vtopia has partnered with several companies, including Rainfi for Lending & Borrowing, Shadow Storage powered by GenysysGo for storage, and UGS Labs for NFT Liquidity. The platform plans to announce more partnerships soon.

Vtopia's Gen 1 Vtopian collection comprises 7777 VTOPIANS and 222 MONOLITHS residing in the VTOPIA Marketverse, with Gen 0 representing Monoliths and Gen 1 representing Vtopians. The platform plans to launch Dynamic NFTs (DNFTS) for the Gen 1 collection where the traits may be swappable and NFTs are interactive, offering gamification possibilities.

As the beta testing dates are announced and Vtopia introduces new utilities and revenue streams, the holder benefits and perks are set to expand. Vtopia's aim is to create a community-based ecosystem that benefits its users and enhances their experience in the Web3 world.

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