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Undead Genesis: A Unique Take on Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

Undead Genesis is a new project that aims to explore a post-apocalyptic world where three distinct factions fight for dominance. The concept behind the project is to combine the best traits of blue-chip NFTs to create a unique and diverse art collection that allows the community to own a piece of this dystopian world.

The three factions are the Berserkers, The Undead, and the Technos. Each faction brings a unique perspective to the world of Undead Genesis. The Berserkers are barbarians who have connected with nature and disconnected from all technologies. They are led by a queen named Eira. The Technos are led by Dr. Xander and are highly advanced in technology. The Undead are led by a necromancer known as the Dread Lord, and they have lost their humanity, falling for dark magic and spells.

While the project is still finalizing its exact utility offerings, the team has stated that they will be focused on simplifying things for newcomers to the blockchain ecosystem. Holders of Undead Genesis NFTs will have access to exclusive events, early access to future releases, and free access to all utilities provided by the project.

The project's minting process will be announced soon, and the team has promised to create a fair and accessible launch for all collectors. They have also stated that there will be a limited number of 1/1 NFTs available for each faction, making them truly unique and highly sought after by holders.

Undead Genesis has also announced partnerships with both Web2 and Web3 companies that will provide added value to holders. The first official partnership is with IM Academy, a trading firm for forex and stocks. The 1/1s in the collection will have free courses and signals from the best traders as an extra utility. The second official partnership was announced through Twitter with Bybit, with more details to be available soon. Lastly, the team has two more partners lined up that will be revealed in the upcoming days.

The team behind Undead Genesis has been in the NFT space since early 2021 and believes that NFTs are the future of digital ownership. They are committed to creating a long-term and engaging universe for collectors and have several upcoming projects and collaborations in the works. While they have not shared specifics at this time, the team is dedicated to providing a simplified process for newcomers and an engaging experience for all collectors.

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