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Travelers NFT Collection Tells a Tale of Survival and Community in Space

A new NFT collection called Travelers is aiming to take collectors on a journey through space and time, with a narrative that celebrates resilience, determination, and survival in the face of adversity. The collection comprises 150 pieces of art that depict the story of two planets that survived a catastrophic event between two galaxies. Through their art, the creators of Travelers hope to inspire people to connect with others who share their passion for exploring the depths of space and the power of the human spirit.

However, owning a piece of Travelers is not just about acquiring art, but also becoming a part of this narrative. As a holder of Travelers, you will have access to a curated community of individuals who have been carefully selected based on their skills, achievements, and potential. This network offers an opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the best and brightest minds in the Solana ecosystem. Additionally, holders will have early access to high-potential projects, whitelist and pre-sales of the most requested projects.

The creators of Travelers aim to make the collection exclusive and limited, as they seek to build a community instead of having clients. They want everyone to have an equal opportunity to obtain a Traveler, and they have made the collection free for this purpose. However, only 150 NFTs will be minted, each with a unique design that will be revealed gradually.

The art of Travelers is inspired by the beauty of landscapes and the joy of traveling. The mouthless wanderers in the collection represent the idea of smooth, flawless, and travel-inspired art, as one of the founders stated. The team also emphasizes the importance of recognizing each member of the Travelers community, making them feel like a real part of the project and involving them in decision making. They promise to update the utilities that holders receive regularly and offer exclusive benefits such as access to events, projects, and art airdrops.

The story of Travelers is about aliens who need to find each other to create a world in which they can survive. The message the creators want to convey is that even in the worst situations, one should never give up and should achieve their dreams even if they find themselves in the worst situation. The team has a selection strategy to ensure that people who own a Traveler NFT truly deserve it and want to be part of their family.

In conclusion, the Travelers NFT collection offers a way for collectors to own a piece of art that tells a compelling story and connects them with a like-minded community. With a supply of just 150 pieces and the mint price being free, this presents a good chance to join an exclusive community with a low barrier to entry.

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