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Toonies: A New Type of NFT Project Focused on Innovation

Toonies, a brand new NFT project that was introduced a few months ago, is set to launch its Figure-Backed Mystery Pack project in the coming weeks. The project is unlike any other NFT project on the market, as it focuses on innovation and bridging the gap between web2 and web3.

The Toonies collection consists of five main characters: Heart, Sun, Bear, Flower, and Alien. Each character has a standard colorway, two chase colorways, and 1 of 1s within the collection. The collection is structured similarly to editions, with multiples of each character. However, each character has its own rarity, ranging from common to mythic, and each has its own utility.

Toonies' main focus is on art, via distinct characters that users can connect with. The project is structured to allow users to collect their favourite Toonies or secure the Toonie whose sub-DAO they want to be a part of.

One of the unique features of Toonies is that each NFT in the collection can be exchanged for a physical figure and merch pack that matches the specific Toonie. The Toonies characters were not only modelled to create a distinguishable and relatable IP, but they were also modelled and optimized for physical production.

To handle the higher MOQ (minimum order quantities) that factories require for larger, high-end vinyl figures, the Toonies were designed to be the same from the neck down, allowing for a significant cost-saving in vinyl mould breakdown fees. The characters capture the emotion of each Toonie through their colour palettes, facial expressions, and even emotion within the eyes.

The Toonies have larger heads and a top-heavy look, and the rest of the sculpt was optimized to counteract this in a natural way. The production team was also able to play with fun features and details, such as the alien antennas being a unique type of flexible material that clicks into the head to ensure they do not break off during transportation or if the figure is dropped.

One of the core ideas of Toonies is to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, especially regarding collecting and the joy that comes with it. When users mint a Toonie, they receive a randomized .GLB (a digital figurine) of one of the characters.

Users can also display their Toonie within metaverse galleries, as Toonies has partnered with Aether Labs to provide every Toonie NFT with a free Toonies-themed gallery. If users want to receive a physical figure, they can burn their Toonie on specified burn dates, which results in receiving the figurine and physical merch pack, as well as a Toonie Token NFT, which keeps them in the community and their character DAO and acts as proof of ownership.

The Toonies project introduces a new mechanic tied to price action, as the supply decreases as more Toonies are burned in exchange for the figurines and merch packs, making pieces from the mint increase in rarity.

Toonies Services is an expansion of TimeThiefNFT Services, which has already been utilized by various projects and artists. Following the mint, Toonies Services will be available to a wider audience, and some holders will even receive discounted services as a perk. Interested parties can fill out a form to get in touch with the team.

Toonies, like any other NFT project, faces several challenges and potential drawbacks. The project's decision to introduce physical figures to go along with the NFTs is intriguing, but it also brings logistical hurdles related to production and distribution. While Toonies promises unique utility for each character, it remains to be seen how much value this will actually provide to users.

In conclusion, Toonies is much more than a toy. It is a project focused on innovation, bridging the gap between web2 and web3, and introducing a new mechanic tied to price action. The project is set to release in Q1 of 2023, and there are limited streetwear drops and artist collabs planned for the future. Toonies is a step towards mass adoption and a new point of entry for web2 collectors into a new digital space.

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