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Shy Ones: The Venture Studio That's Building Brands and Empowering Creators

Shy Ones, a Solana-based NFT project, is launching a platform aimed at creating real-world connections between digital identities. The project consists of 10,000 unique NFTs, each representing a "Shy One" that turns virtual strangers into real-life friends. The company believes in disrupting inefficient systems and creating new avenues of opportunity for everyday people to feel connected and valued. The Studio aims to create, invest in, and incubate new projects from community members, talented artists, and communities and brands in the web3/IRL space.

Shy Ones has an experienced team with a diverse range of backgrounds, including OnerBoi as chief creative, Korsan as former startup founder, Jango as a tattoo artist and animator, Spiz as COO, Bola as CFO, Vital as Lead Dev, Sena as a fashion designer, Cücü as an artist, and Sheryar as a musician and event organizer.

The Shop, a key component of the Venture Studio, will offer digital and physical products. Approved digital artwork, small or collectible NFT collections, and 1/1 NFTs will be available for purchase by the community. Shy Ones holders will enjoy priority access, discounts, and occasional gifts for themselves and their family and friends. The brand is also planning to collaborate with well-known brands and companies to create unique physical products.

Shy Ones is all set to represent its brand all over the world with the highest-quality, unique merch and collectibles for its holders. The brand will design, create and release them on a rolling basis, working with the most talented designers and artists. The first official Shy Ones Merch, Vol. 1, is already in the works, and holders will have exclusive access to it. The brand is also planning to drop surprise, one-time, limited-edition merch products unannounced.

Shy Ones is known for its love of collectibles and will produce many in different styles, such as hand-crafted statues, artisan products, pins, and stickers. To design these collectibles, Shy Ones will collaborate with talented artists within its community. Every Shy Ones official merch and collectible comes with a complementary NFT related to the merchandise or collectible.

The Venture Studio is also focusing on fostering human connections through community meetups, online and IRL events. Shy Ones will organize events worldwide, and the attendees will leave with great memories and feeling inspired. The Shy Ones Creator Events will offer various formats such as live shows and games, podcasts, and other exciting formats, and there will be lots of informative, fun, and collaborative events going on.

Shy Ones also announced the launch of its Academy. The Academy will offer workshops, fireside chats, and Q&As hosted by talented guests, both online and IRL, to inspire and nurture up-and-coming talent and hobbyists. The workshops and fireside chats will be accessible through Shy Ones Academy, an online education platform accessible to the public. The Academy will be open to art enthusiasts worldwide, accessible through a monthly subscription that will go directly into the Venture Studio to fund even more amazing educational and inspirational material for the community.

Being a Shy Ones holder looks like it comes with great benefits and lots of fun, including a Shy Ones Club membership. Members will enjoy exclusive access to merchandise drops, early access to products, and unique experiences. Shy Ones believes that amazing things happen when Shy Ones come together, and the brand is committed to nurturing and fostering new talent.

Shy Ones Link's

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