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Rare Pepe DAO

Secondary Market Play:

Rare Pepe DAO is a tight-knit community project that thrives off the community and the quality of information / people within it. When it launched, it's floor value shot up to high 30s and has been trickling down to a current floor price of 6 SOL.

The project leaders aim to release a trait marketplace where holders can swap other traits to add to their Pepes themselves. This utility isn't so bullish but that isn't the reason I am mainly writing up this project as a current secondary market play. The alpha is behind the curtains, that being the people who are in the DAO itself. There are some strong well-known names within the DAO, people from all different types of projects. These people being:

  • Project founders

  • Influencers

  • 1/1 artists

  • Developers

and more. With this base of strong like-minded people, we can see a strong community growing here. Not so well-known users chat a lot more in the community than the so well-known people but that is something that I like to see. The well-known people are the icing and the not so well-known active users are the cake. The cake is the community and it's becoming stronger and stronger by the day. So far the community has received numerous amounts of whitelist spots and has even ran a town hall for holders & non-holders to participate in.

For this project to continue running up it's floor price it NEEDS to have a continuously strong, active community on Discord & Twitter. So far, I have seen that and I am hoping it continues to grow and be active.

Extra Information:

I just wanted to also point out that the founders of the project are extremely active in the community too. They provide so much to help others thrive in their DAO, and I truly cannot wait for the release of the trait marketplace! They got a very talented artist and development team too!

The Play:

The listings of the project are slowly but surely going down - creating a very thin floor. If engagement on Twitter for Rare Pepes picks up this floor could jump in SOL value quite fast. You can either buy one now with the expectation that the community will continue to grow and engagement on CT with Rare Papes picks up more or wait to see if the community is still strong in the next coming weeks to buy in. I can see this collection turning into another tight-knit community with a substantially high floor price (around 30 - 50 SOL). However, the question is 'wen' will this happen, and I can honestly tell you that "I do not know". The information I have given in this post is the main reason I bought in, and I can happily hold this project without a worry at these current floor pricings. I currently own 3 Rare Pepes - most likely going to pick up another soon. Current Floor Price: 6 SOL Magic Eden - Discord - Twitter -



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