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Onelink Solutions Launches NFTs for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs and Creators

Onelink Solutions provides Web3 businesses with comprehensive legal, financial, and consulting services. Founded by experienced business colleagues with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, law, marketing, engineering, and more, the service aims to minimize operational distractions and allow creatives to focus on what matters most.

The company's custom, all-in-one, automated software platform is chain-agnostic, making it the only service to provide company formation, legal advisory, financial, IP ownership, and business consulting services all in one place. Onelink Solutions offers assistance in Dubai company formation and other services in a zero-tax jurisdiction for business taxes. They aim to become the one-stop gateway to business freedom for next-gen entrepreneurs and creators worldwide, helping businesses focus on priorities and achieve a higher level of freedom.

"We define freedom as the amount of time in a day you can spend doing the things you want to do and not what you have to do," says Onelink Solutions. "Our mission is to provide next-gen entrepreneurs and creators with legal, financial, and consulting services. Our current solutions include company formation, corporate bank account, crypto corporate exchange account, employment visa, investor visa, VIP visa services, copyright certificate, and IP ownership."

Their NFTs will mint according to rarity, and each rarity level offers different associated benefits. For example, any non-platinum NFT can be redeemed for OneLink Solutions services equivalent to the cost of the mint price of that NFT at the time of mint. Additionally, owning a Onelink Solutions registered company, being personally invited by the founders, or owning the equivalent of 10 NFT passes grants exclusive community access to a network of verified, legal, and dedicated business owners.

Furthermore, by owning Onelink Solutions NFTs, holders can receive up to a 10% commission on every deal the company closes through their recommendations. The amount of the final commission payout is determined at the time of new client payment and the number of NFTs held by the referring wallet 30 days before the commission payout date.

Owning these NFTs also provides a discount of up to 10% on the monthly subscription fee for access to OneLink Solutions wealth of benefits once the platform goes public. By connecting the wallet that holds the NFTs to the platform, the monthly subscription price will automatically update.

Owning a Onelink Solutions NFT pass provides free access to Onelink Academy, which includes educational content on various domains such as business strategy, marketing, sales, and operations management.

OneLink Solutions is committed to transforming the future and is creating a network of like-minded individuals who share the same vision. The company is offering a unique utility for its NFTs that distinguishes it from other projects in the Web3 space, and its commitment to providing valuable resources to its community is a testament to its dedication.

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