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OjOtris: The P2E Logic & Puzzle Game on Solana

OjOtris is a browser-based game hosted on Solana, which combines elements of PFP, P2E, and IRL to create a fun and accessible NFT experience for players on all levels. The name "OjOtris" is derived from the Spanish word "ojo" meaning "eye" and the word "tetris," reflecting the visual emphasis of the game and the idea of fitting different pieces together.

The OjOtris project aims to offer an innovative gaming experience to players on all levels, creating a visually stunning experience that connects the digital and physical worlds. The game involves dropping figures to form horizontal rows and earn points. Daily leaderboards reward top players with Sol prizes, and the game features weekly, monthly, and quarterly tournaments.

The Game Center platform provides users with a seamless gaming experience and an intuitive interface. Players can easily switch between games without leaving the platform, and DAO decides which games to develop next. The Game Center also helps to track important information, including project news, leaderboards, payouts, tournaments, store updates, and more.

The OjOtris team is a powerhouse group of experienced professionals with a passion for innovation. They have developed automated systems for marketplace management for major MP such as G2A and Gamivo, developed software for global electronic markets trading for the largest bank in Europe, and created market data analysis software that stores and extracts data from the largest crypto markets in the world. They have also worked with Amazy, Fitburn, Weedland, and led teams to deliver projects brand videos and 3D arts.

The team's objectives are to become the number one all-in-one on-chain mini-games platform, establish 500 daily active users in the game, integrate their games, tools, and services for other NFT communities, and create profitable ads and in-app marketing for revenue streams for holders.

OjOtris is designed for simplicity and accessibility, making it enjoyable for all players, including blockchain and cryptocurrency newcomers. The first Grand Tournament has a 15% prize pool based on raised mint funds, and the mini-games platform is currently under development.

In conclusion, OjOtris is a fun and innovative browser-based puzzle game on Solana that combines P2E and IRL elements.The OjOtris team is experienced and passionate about innovation, with goals to become the number one on-chain mini-games platform and create profitable revenue streams for holders. The collection has a supply of 2121, with a mint price of 1.5 $SOL. The launchpad is ELIXIR, and the presale partner is GIB. The game is also out on iOS and Android. This is defiantly one to look into.

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