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Motley Dao Set To Launch Night Market, A Decentralized Marketplace for Solana Ecosystem

Motley Dao, the decentralized venture studio and protocol of protocols for the Solana ecosystem, is set to launch Night Market, a new project aiming to revolutionize the marketplace game. Led by founder Ryan, the team is focused on creating an open-source and decentralized marketplace that empowers creators and rewards good behavior.

With Ryan's background in crypto and NFTs, Night Market is seen as the first "super application" in a series of projects from Motley Dao. The team, comprising four core members and various decentralized and centralized teams, is working towards developing Night Market and Motley Dao.

One of Night Market's unique features is its approach to launching projects. The team is currently in talks with the Solana foundation about bounties and reputation management and is exploring different and novel ways of launching projects. Additionally, Motley Dao is building a decentralized venture studio model that will drive support, development resources, and point people in the right direction.

Night Market is using a steam/app store model to plug in teams and drive distribution to them, making it a vital aspect in not just Solana, but across other ecosystems and chains in web3. $SAUCE is the governance token that can be staked for membership to Motley Dao. 100% of Night Market transaction fees will go to the Motley Dao and will be governed by $SAUCE holders. Motley Friends is a 10K PFP collection representing the diverse rebel collective of Motley Dao members across the world.Each Motley Friend NFT can be staked to earn $SAUCE, meaning each NFT is inherently backed by the value of $SAUCE.

The team is also focused on community building and incentivizing traders to use Night Market. For the first 30-45 days of Night Market launching, every trader will be eligible for the Sauce airdrop (Night Drop). Users can earn some of those fees if they get Sauce token, while all transaction fees go to the Dow Treasury. Night Market is also using a viral loop through an affiliate program called Buddy Link.

Governance is a crucial aspect of Night Market, with the goal of coordinating different groups and delegating responsibilities while maintaining open-source understanding and trust. The team aims to delegate responsibilities to sub-dial groups and avoid having a million people voting on every small decision.

The team behind Night Market is inviting anyone interested in plugging in to get in contact with them through their Discord or Twitter. With their innovative approach to marketplace development and community building, Night Market is a project worth watching in the Solana ecosystem.

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