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Kromes: Enter a Fully Immersive Post-Apocalyptic World with Rich Lore and Engaging Characters

Kromes, a new NFT project, boasting clean art and rich lore as its main selling points. Kromes art collection is entirely hand-drawn and inspired by comic book art and the work of Moebius. The project is centered around the concept of post-apocalyptic worlds and draws inspiration from popular culture, such as Mad Max, Borderlands, and Fallout. According to the Kromes team, they believe that exceptional art is the foundation of any successful NFT project, and that a coherent story is crucial to engage with an audience.

The creators of this project, ilnp and ms djogster, have carefully constructed a world that centers around fire art and rich lore. Before creating the art, they focused on finding a theme and centering the art around that. They wanted to avoid the trend of creating art with no real background or connectivity between characters or traits. The team aims to create a fully immersive post-apocalyptic world that makes sense in every aspect, with characters, places, and experiences that are emotionally gripping and that players can connect with.

The team behind Kromes consists of several individuals with over ten years of experience in digital marketing, operations, and sales, and they have all been involved in NFTs since 2021. The team is self-funded and has decided to do everything themselves to ensure that the project funds will stay within the project and not be spent on promotions, gurus, or other expenses.

The project also aims to provide interactive experiences and events for both holders and the entire NFT ecosystem. Although the details of these experiences are not yet available, the creators have mentioned that they plan to expand their team with professional writers, artists, animators, voice actors, and developers to create a big and memorable experience. Additionally, the team is planning to host some events to avoid a big gap in the delivery of the main experience.

Regarding community growth, the team is focused on providing something different and novel that resonates with the NFT space. They plan to grow their community by aligning with partners who share their goals and can mutually benefit from the partnership.

Overall, Kromes hopes to bring fun times back to the NFT space and create a sense of excitement and community around their project. The team is willing to adjust and change their long-term roadmap as needed to better resonate with their community. It's super early here with only the Twitter page available. Worth a follow to see how this one develops over the months.

Kromes Link's

Twitter: Click Here

Discord: TBA

Medium: Click Here

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