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Jiggy Piggies Unveils First Multi-Item Themed Raffle Platform

Jiggy Piggies, a new NFT Collection, has announced the launch of its first-of-a-kind multi-item themed raffle platform. The avant-garde platform aims to create a seamless and dynamic experience for its users, providing unparalleled access to the latest and most innovative products available.

The Jiggy Piggies platform offers a unique raffle experience, with users having the opportunity to participate in various giveaways containing a blend of both Web2 and Web3 products. The platform aims to set the standard for the future of online raffles by merging these three essential components.

The platform's multi-item themed raffle platform allows users to try their luck at winning both physical and digital items, with Jiggy Piggies handling the logistics and escrow service ensuring raffle security and safety.

Participating in the raffle is simple - users can visit the Jiggy Piggies website, connect their wallet, choose the raffle they would like to participate in, and purchase a ticket. Ticket purchases are available in SOL or USDC.

If users win a digital item, the claiming process is simple - the prize is received on the connected wallet, and winners can simply click the "Claim" button and approve the transaction. If a user wins a physical item, they will need to provide their Discord ID and be contacted by the team for personal information, such as name and address. The rest will be handled by the team, including product safety, delivery, and other necessary arrangements. In case the winner does not want to provide personal details, they can choose the prize's equivalent in SOL or USDC and claim it that way.

The Jiggy Piggies NFT Collection also offers a range of benefits to its esteemed holders, including access to various utilities on the raffle platform and Jiggy Store, special discounts on raffle tickets, and free entry on any raffle each week. Holders will also be able to raffle off their own digital and physical items and receive exclusive bonuses and special benefits on the upcoming platform.

The Jiggy Piggies NFT Collection is still to determine the supply and mint date, and future plans for the mint funds distribution/breakdown are yet to be announced. Additionally, hosting raffles will be supported in V2 for holders only. This is one to keep an eye on if your into raffles.

Jiggy Piggies Link's

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Website: Click Here

Whitepaper: Click Here

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