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Play Set To Launch $PLAY: The Reflect-u Token that Brings Fun and Passive Yield to the Crypto Community

Solana-based project Play has announced the upcoming launch of $PLAY, a reflect-u token that allows users to automatically earn passive yield for participating in the community. For every transaction made with $PLAY, a 6% tax is applied, which is then used to benefit holders and grow the reach of $PLAY. Specifically, 2% of the tax goes to holders who lock their $PLAY and claim daily rewards, 2% goes to auto-liquidity to reduce slippage, and the remaining 2% goes to an inter-dimensional game that $PLAY token lockers can participate in and win big.

$PLAY is designed to be deflationary, with added burn mechanisms, and will become the native payment method for a range of social activities, features, and unique services in Play's future ecosystem. The reflect-u tokenomics rewards only those involved in the community and actively engaging with the ecosystem.

Play also has a credit system called CHIPS, which is the currency of their Discord server. Users can swap CHIPS for $PLAY tokens, and the exchange rate is calculated based on a weekly allocation of CHIPS. The project's Kitchen is a place where users can showcase their creativity by designing memes, fan art, and other visual elements related to $PLAY and their holy Kirbos.

The project's casino offers several games such as dice, rock-paper-scissors, roulette, and a guessing game. Players can win CHIPS by playing these games, which can be exchanged for $PLAY tokens or used to play more games.

In addition to its built-in features, $PLAY is the native token of a dapp that Play is currently developing. The dapp will provide users with various ways to have fun and earn money while allowing $PLAY holders to gain extra advantages. The project aims to create a unique marketplace that bridges the gap between mainstream gaming and Solana.

The project seeks to bring back the sparkle and magic to the crypto space, turning away from the toxic clique-like attitude that has crept into the industry in recent times. While Play's vision is ambitious, it aims to incite a community revolution that not only changes the current social aspect of cryptocurrency but also introduces unique, fun, and innovative ways to use crypto holdings.

Play's Links

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