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Survive and Thrive: Fidelion Takes Post-Apocalyptic Web3 Gaming to the Next Level

Fidelion is an upcoming IP project for post-apocalyptic web3 games that promises to provide a unique gaming experience with its art and story. According to the team behind the project, the Fidelion story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive and thrive in the midst of nine different factions. The game's background story and world setups are being crafted by experienced web2 game designers and story writers.

The Fidelion collection is the centerpiece of the game's ecosystem and will be the main benefiter of the studio's success. The game's developers have a wealth of experience in the casual mobile game genre and have a long-term plan to create value through gaming content. The Fidelion team is made up of talented and experienced individuals from various web2 gaming projects such as Decentraland, PUBG, League of Legends, and many more.

An exciting aspect of Fidelion is the list of partners and investors backing the project. The team has secured support from reputable venture capital firms and organizations such as SOLANA VENTURES, SI0ST, PLANETARIUM, Capital S, DEXLAB, HG Ventures, pragma, Verse2, and BDC Labs, which demonstrates the level of confidence in the Fidelion team's ability to deliver a successful and innovative game.

The Fidelion game is set to be released soon, and it is a free-to-play action roguelike game where players can build their characters, upgrade weapons and defenses, and compete with an unlimited number of enemies to survive. The game promises a strategic control of the battlefield achieved through careful placement of hero stats and various skill set mechanics. The team also promises an amazing experience for players with a high priority on game art.

Project Fidelion is an IP project for post-apocalyptic web3 games, but it goes beyond just web3 gaming. The Fidelion team aims to provide an unforgettable experience with their story and art, an experience that most web2 gamers, story tellers, and readers will love. NFT holders will enjoy a more interactive experience and earn more rewards.

Overall, Fidelion aims to be an exciting new addition to the world of web3 gaming on Solana. With a talented and experienced team, a unique and compelling story, and a focus on art and gameplay, it's definitely a project worth looking into.

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