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Dworfz: A Revolutionary Approach to Marketing and Gaming

Dworfz, a multi-chain suite of utilities, is poised to revolutionize the world of marketing and gaming. Built on the principles of professionalism and value, Dworfz offers B2B & B2C marketing engagement tools and gaming platforms that deliver accurate results by helping companies and individuals reach their target audience. The Dworfz collection features six unique utilities including project Ragnarok, project Pandora, project Divine, project Fall Arena, project Eclipse, and project Otis, all aimed at providing immense value to web2 and web3 businesses.

Laws of Our Magic

The Dworfz collections are more than just another NFT project. The three collections each offer numerous benefits within the Dworfz ecosystem, including permanent free access to Ragnarok, increased revenue share, custom 1/1 made with description from the airdrop holders, and exclusive access to the Core team for the First 333 Collection. The second collection (Main collection) offers access to all the tools' revenue share, free monthly use of all tools, stake NFTs for points via the D token, and weekly free participation in the game "Fall Arena" with opportunities to win big prizes. The third collection benefits (1/1 Collection) will be kept secret and shared only with pre-defined holders when the time comes. Owning all three collections will come with hidden benefits known only to those lucky enough to collect.

Kingdom's Economy Structure and Tokenomics

The Dworfz point system powers the ecosystem and tracks active community members who engage with the tools. 55% of revenue, including fees from clients using Ragnarok, game fees, revenue from Divine, and educational solutions, will be shared with NFT holders. 10% each will be allocated to the team, marketing, and point system, while 15% will be allocated to project growth. The project is designed to sustain itself without outside investment by maintaining a balanced revenue allocation.

Project Ragnarok: A Point-Based Tool System

Ragnarok is a tool system designed to help content creators, business owners, collaboration managers, alpha callers, and the community increase exposure both within and outside the web3 space. Participants earn points by interacting with various tasks associated with a particular tweet, such as liking, retweeting, commenting, following on Twitter, and joining Discord. Once a participant accumulates enough points, they become eligible to enter a reward raffle. Each task is worth a certain number of points, and once all tasks are completed, Ragnarok will immediately raffle the rewards and notify the winners to claim their prizes.

Project Pandora: A Launchpad for Problem Solvers

Project Pandora is Dworfz's launchpad, designed to focus on finding problems and fixing them. The launchpad features an exciting, fun, and beneficial mint process called the "slot lottery mint." Dworfz will also provide networking services to help the project reach its target audience, which is crucial for the project's success.


Dworfz is set to level up the world of marketing and gaming with its suite of unique utilities and innovative collections. The project's potential is in the hands of its community, and its success will be driven by its focus on providing immense value to businesses and individuals. With its balanced revenue allocation and sustainable business model, Dworfz is every chance for success and could change the world of NFTs and Crypto for the better.

Dworfz Link's

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