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A Web3 Gaming Experience Inspired by Retro RPGs

Get ready for an immersive entertainment experience like no other! Introducing DUNGEONS & DEGENS, a web3 gaming site that combines elements of wagering and RPG progression to create a thrilling adventure. The game is the brainchild of Master Mason, the sole creator responsible for design and programming. Kayac Multimedia has been contracted for art direction and strategic advisory, while DaveR, the co-founder of Sentries and founder of Rare Pepe, takes on the role of advisory.

DUNGEONS & DEGENS introduces the XP System, which grants players XP points based on their wager sizes. These points can be spent on various rewards such as free raffle entries and Solana Loot NFTs. The Solana Loot System is similar to Loot NFTs on Ethereum but is intended to be interoperable within the Solana network.

The first game available, DUNGEON, puts a fresh spin on traditional coin-flip games while maintaining the appealing 50/50 odds of doubling your wager. A 3% Dungeon Fee is applied to player winnings when exiting the dungeon alive, but no fee is taken on losses. This fee can be reduced by entering a Key Code from the Dungeon Key NFTs or by burning a set of 10 Keys for a Dungeon Master NFT.

DUNGEONS & DEGENS will be holding a Solana NFT mint split in three phases, starting with Dungeon Keys. Utility for Dungeon Keys includes discount/referral codes and free Dungeon Master mints. The supply is 1500, with a cost of 2 SOL per Dungeon Key. Whitelist tokens can be redeemed by earning 100 XP in DUNGEON.

Phase 2, Dungeon Masters, are tokenized liquidity provision agreements and offer passive rev share, SOL backing, and airdrops. The supply is 100, with a cost of 10 Dungeon Keys per DM, and FCFS for whitelist. Adventurers, the third phase, offer additional RPG features and games, optional "free play" modes, and the ability to earn Solana Loot NFTs. The supply is 2000, with a cost of 1 Dungeon Key or 2 SOL.

Playing DUNGEON is simple. Visit the website, connect your Phantom Wallet, select your hero, click "Enter the Dungeon," accept the wager transaction, and wait for the Room to spawn a Peril. Each Room in the DUNGEON spawns a Peril, with different chances of death and an overall 50/50 chance of success. Visit the Merchant after earning 100XP to redeem a Whitelist Token to the Dungeon Key Mint.

Get ready for a thrilling journey in DUNGEONS & DEGENS! Head to the website now and start your adventure. DUNGEONS & DEGENS Links

Twitter: Click Here

Website Mainnet Beta- Play2Whitelist: Click Here

Discord: Click Here

Pitch Deck: Click Here

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