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Secondary Market Play

DreamPackers is a heavily focussed story-telling / art project. The first phase of the project was to release an 888 collection with fully animated non-NFTs - this collection would act as the genesis collection for the whole project. Swiftly after the release, an airdrop of the 'golden compasses' was given to holders at a 1:1 ratio. These golden compasses will provide bonuses to all holders leading up-to the PFP collection mint.

The PFP collection will dive into the world of Vagabond Valley, the DreamPackers first surreal destination. Here is the most recent announcement regarding Vagabond Valley:

DreamPackers have arrived in Vagabond Valley, the first stop on their road trip. As we begin to unveil the story, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what's to come. Vagabond Valley is the name of the second collection, which marks the beginning of a creative process that will be built over several installments. As an art-focused project, we are committed to showcasing the work of talented artists. Each destination on our road trip will be imagined and brought to life by a different artist, each with their unique vision and creative inspirations -- starting with Valestrator for the genesis collection and Vagabond Valley. By creating destination-based collections, we are able to tell a story that is larger than life, spanning multiple locations with their own unique encounters, events, and quests. Additionally, we strive to deliver an immersive art and storytelling experience, while also supporting and collaborating with emerging artists. By creating collaborative art pieces and engaging in other creative activations, we aim to empower and promote 1:1 artists in the space. Our first collaborative actions with 1:1 artists will start next week and we have an incredible lineup in store. We're excited to partner with them to create art pieces inspired by Vagabond Valley. Earlier this month, we airdropped Golden Compasses to delisted DPs holders. These compasses are not only important for the story in Vagabond Valley, but will also be used as a key to reward holders. Several times a week, snapshots of the Golden Compasses will be taken and NFTs from 1:1 artists and collections will be raffled off to holders. And who knows, there might be other exciting prizes up for grabs too. Vagabond Valley is just the beginning and we have a fantastic story and breathtaking art to unveil. Join us on this journey and keep your DreamPackers close and they will be very important for the final quest...

The DreamPackers team - from my point of view - are kind of making an art-ponzi. Different collections, with different art styles and destinations within the collections. This springs an importance of being involved EARLY in this ponzi. My speculation: The DreamPackers genesis collection will reap all the benefits of each collection in the future and the golden compasses will be just as valuable. I see this like what Infected Mob were doing but with smaller collection sizes & collabing with other projects. The potential DreamPackers has is incredible and if it awakes the art lovers in Solana this 888 supply collection will be hoarded by all of them. The play: You are bagging on the DreamPackers PFP collection being high-quality art and the engagement on the project picking up from the sneak-peeks. The current floor price is 2.4 SOL, very cheap for the potential this project provides. You can either play this short term, by picking some up and selling into the hype of the release of the PFP collection or holding and gaining all the up-and-coming art collections in the future. I currently hold one 1/1 & 23 DreamPacker(s), I am very BULLISH on this project due to it's potential. My average entry is 2.3 SOL Magic Eden - Discord - Twitter - Current Floor Price: 2.4 SOL



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