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Degen Invest: Where Success is a Shared Experience

Degen Invest is a new NFT project that aims to generate passive income for its holders. The project was initiated by two experienced friends, one of whom is a successful trader. Their aim was to bring a trading rev-share NFT to the market that provides a reliable source of revenue.

Degen Invest's revenue depends on only one person - Degen King, who is the trader behind the project. If he is successful, everyone benefits. Degen King has proven his experience and skills several times, making profits in the crypto market for an indefinite period of time. This could possibly make Degen Invest a low-risk investment option, dyor obviously.

The project has faced several challenges already, including community building and marketing for NFT projects. However, the community that has formed around the project is smart, patient, and supportive. The team is committed to ensuring usability and transparency for their community.

The project aims to focus on producing weekly payouts and optimizing the usability behind it week by week. In the future, Degen Invest would like to fund talented traders from their community so that they can have their own pool and produce payouts for themselves, the project, and its holders.

Degen Invest has already sold 444 NFTs in its presale, out of a supply of 777. The team consists of two founders, two developers, an artist, an advisor, a collab manager, a community manager, a marketing manager, and three moderators.

In conclusion, Degen Invest's passive income and experienced team make it a good shout to take a look into. The project's focus on low risk, reliability, and community satisfaction is commendable.

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