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Cryptocade: The Decentralized Arcade Where Nostalgia Meets Innovation and Crypto Gets Game-ified!

Cryptocade is a new NFT project that aims to bring the excitement of arcade games to the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. The project is owned by Robinhood DAO and Luna Labs DAO, and will be run by the Councils of both DAOs. The idea is to create a decentralized arcade where players can use cryptocurrency to play fun and nostalgic games. However, Cryptocade plans to expand beyond this basic concept, by introducing tournaments, prize pools, jackpots, and other innovative features.

One of the most interesting aspects of Cryptocade is that it will also be a platform for game developers to monetize their games. Developers will be able to submit their games for approval, and Cryptocade will ensure that each title meets their standards before uploading it to the website. This will be a great opportunity for developers to monetize their games, while also providing players with a wider variety of options.

The team behind Cryptocade is strong, with both Robinhood DAO and Luna Labs DAO having a track record of funding good founders/projects, holding bad actors accountable, and bringing creative ideas to the ecosystem. The fact that these two DAOs are working together to bring Cryptocade to life is a promising sign, and suggests that the project has a good chance of success.

Overall, Cryptocade seems like an exciting and promising NFT project. The concept of a decentralized arcade is unique and has the potential to attract a wide range of players. The fact that the project will also be a platform for game developers to monetize their games is a smart move, and should help to ensure that Cryptocade has a wide variety of high-quality games available. The supply is also low with 555 NFTs, no real information on holder benefits yet though.

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