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Constructing a New Future: Meet the Utility-Driven NFT Collection That's Pushing Boundaries

Constructs, a start-up collection of 7777 NFTs, has recently been introduced to Solana and aims to set a new benchmark in the market. The start-up focuses on breaking key milestones and venturing into deep waters by offering innovative utility features.

The key to long-term growth is the capability of being pivotal, and Constructs has two products that have been in the works for well over a year. The company looks at three key pillars when building prototypes - Pivot, Mass Adoption, and Use-case. Constructs is made up of two products that serve similar use cases on different platforms, one of which is unheard of in the Solana scene.

The first product, Construct Hub, is the very first fully customizable NFT application with industry-low transaction and swap fees. The company aims to provide a unique experience for users through features unheard of in Web3. It operates on a seamless system that onboards users through a frictionless process, charges cheaper ground transaction and swap fees than other platforms, and brings forth a fully customizable homepage solution adapted to users preferences. Construct Hub is both a wallet and a portfolio manager. Users can connect their discord profiles in-app and create their very own personal in-app wallet system. The in-app wallets can send Crypto, SPL tokens, NFTs and buy, list & sell NFTs in-app.

The second product, The Hub, is an interface housing features in-app, including social for alpha callers, daily trending news from principal sources, push notifications for floor price & alpha caller alerts, customisable profiles, SOL, ETH & Aptos collection analytics, founder whitelist & NFT giveaways in-app, among others.

The art process for Constructs began in September 2022. The team was bored and unimpressed by the art coming out from new mints. They wanted to bring a team of professionals who knew how to implement colour theory, branding and creative imagination into an NFT. Their main inspiration for the collection came from intergalactic sci-fi childhood films and video games. Although some of the sketches were low quality and needed improvement, with enough effort and creativity, the Constructs were born.

Constructs also takes branding seriously. They spent weeks formulating and understanding the attitudes and values they wanted to represent their project. The colours and fonts of their branding represent their culture.

While there are many phenomenal applications with great use cases, none have built too much on NFT-specific features. Constructs unique application aims to solve this problem and provide a seamless all-in-one solution for users. The company is excited to offer a new experience for all investors, and users can rest assured that they will always be the priority.

In conclusion, Constructs innovative approach to NFT utility features is cool, and the company is worth keeping an eye on as it looks to set a new benchmark in the market.

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