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Coats & Knights: A New MMORPG Adventure on Solana

Coats & Knights is a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on Solana, offering players a chance to experience a thrilling adventure through the medieval world of Unopia. The game is designed to give players an opportunity to shape and grow the world of Unopia, with an emphasis on story-driven gameplay.

Unopia is a vast open world filled with stunning landscapes, but it is also besieged by hostile tribes. Players take on the role of brave knights tasked with protecting the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Kasmonia. The game allows players to freely travel to any island on the map, whether large or small, to complete quests and gather resources.

One of the game's unique features is its Knight of Alduran membership. This membership offers players the ability to withdraw $Crimson Doubloons, the game's currency, from the bank, mint new NFT gear items, sell gear items on the marketplace, and access exclusive knight-holder regions and areas in Unopia. The Knights of Alduran are renowned members of the Holy Order known for their courage and valor, and in recognition of their noble service, they have been granted access to join the ranks of the profession masters, gaining new skills and knowledge to aid them in their mission.

The game also features Gear Items, NFT collectibles that can be crafted in-game with the help of profession masters. Each item has different capabilities and properties, and their rarity is determined by the value they add to the player's stats. Weaponsmiths specialize in creating swords and bows, armorsmiths create armor, and cartographers create special magic scrolls.

The game's currency, $Crimson Doubloons, can be earned through various in-game activities such as quests, working contracts, and merchant trading. At present, $CD is primarily a utility token, but as it gains wider adoption, an open market, and many new use-cases are expected to emerge.

Coats & Knights has a team of six core members with a passion for innovation and creativity. wxlfram, the Co-Founder and Web3 Wizard, assembled a team of dedicated game developers and avid gamers to bring the game to life. pShamy, the Co-Founder and Lead Game Dev, has worked tirelessly alongside wxlfram to make the dream a reality. Dramex, Enzon, Kvasyr, and Medzo bring their respective skills to the team, ensuring every aspect of the game is optimized for an exceptional user experience.

Overall, Coats & Knights offers an exciting new MMORPG experience on Solana, with an immersive story-driven world, unique gameplay features, and a growing ecosystem that rewards players for their contributions. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the genre, Coats & Knights is definitely worth checking out.

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