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Roaring to Success: Claynosaurz Takes the NFT World by Storm with Unique 3D Animation and Strong Community

Claynosaurz, is quickly gaining popularity among IP enthusiasts. And for good reason! With a collection of 10k 3D animated NFTs on the Solana blockchain, Claynosaurz aims to create a digital studio based in web3.

One of the project's biggest strengths is its team. Claynosaurz boasts one of the strongest teams on Solana, which has been delivering value to the project and the ecosystem as a whole since day one. This is a big plus for anyone considering investing in the project.

Despite not having a roadmap, Claynosaurz has worked with big names such as Sony, Disney, Netflix, Riot Games, Illumination, Ubisoft, Magic, Industrial Light & Marvel. This proves that the project is on the right track, and that its team is dedicated to delivering value to its investors.

Claynosaurz has multiple collections, each with unique features. For example, Sardinhas are the gen1 collection that can be combined with glue and burned with a Claymaker to produce an egg from which a pterodactyl will hatch. Claynosaurz is the gen2 and PFP collection in the Clayno ecosystem, and one sold for a record price of 1772.75sol/$35,999.69.

Claymakers are the gen3 collection that come in three different levels: first, deluxe, and limited. They're deflationary, and are also known as the "Horardric Cube" of Claytopia. Owners can use them to burn clay and forge other items.

Speaking of clay, it's also a useful resource that's deflationary. By combining different colors of clay in a Claymaker, owners will be able to burn the clay and select the new class. There are 6 basic colors of clay, and they can be combined to select a class with its own unique advantages.

Croissants are the gen5 of the Claynosaurz ecosystem and were a gift to those who attended NFT Paris. From what has been released, they will give some kind of rare armor.

One of the biggest strengths of Claynosaurz is its community. The project has a very strong community, filled with ETH and SOL whales. The community is overall great and is one of the favorite in the NFT space.

Claynosaurz is quickly becoming the new hot favorite that could take the top spot once Degods leaves, and for good reason. The 3D models and their way of motion are top tier, unlike anything we've seen in the NFT space before. This proves that Claynosaurz has the tools to create something big.

With the potential to create one of the most beloved IPs, Claynosaurz is a project that investors should definitely consider buying. The team is dedicated to delivering value to its investors, and with a strong IP and a strong team, Claynosaurz is sure to succeed in the long run.

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Mar 18, 2023
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