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Bulls vs Bears: A New Gaming Platform That Lets You Play the Market

A new gaming platform on the Solana blockchain called Bulls vs Bears has been announced. The platform, which is inspired by the never-ending battle between bullish and bearish market sentiments, features a gamified experience that combines the elements of utility, art, and community/brand. The game itself is a turn-based card game in which 2-8 players top up the pot at the start, with the winner being the one whose third card is in between the first two cards dealt. The platform will also have chat, badges, and questing functions.

The platform's developers have announced that the game will not use an on-chain system but rather a credit-based system to smooth out the playing process. The platform's MVP (alpha version) is ready, and the developers are currently doing an internal round of testing. An open beta version of the game is planned for release in five to six weeks, after which it will be available to a wider audience. The developers plan to focus on business development, customer acquisition, spaces, merchandises, marketing, development of the product, collaboration, beta version, and white labelling in the future.

The Bulls vs Bears will also feature a sub-collection called the Crowns. With a limited supply of 444, the Crowns can be paired with an NFT from the main collection to boost revenue sharing for holders from 80-85% on a 1:1 pairing ratio. The Crowns are deliberately crafted with a small supply to create a gamified experience and an opportunity for early members of the community to take advantage of. The team has announced that it will raffle 75% of the Crowns in Discord, while the remaining 25% will be distributed through other avenues such as games, activities, and spaces participation.

The Bulls vs Bears has also announced that it will select a few members of its communities to participate in testing as early adopters. The alpha version's objective is to determine the functionality of the product, not its aesthetics yet. The developers have fine-tuned the game logic and developed a room system where people can join, create, and share their rooms with friends for a private game. The platform also plans to release UI/UX functions in the Beta version.

The Bulls vs Bears team have selected three honorary 1/1s based on specific criteria. The first is Gaius, for his contribution to the space through education via The Library and his investing style with a priority on cash flow. The second is BSL, for building and innovating technology and possessing top-tier problem-solving skills. The third is Mindfolk, for having a strong community, great art, and a successful pivot.

In conclusion, Bulls vs Bears is a new gaming platform that offers a gamified experience inspired by the battle between bullish and bearish market sentiments. The platform features a turn-based card game that combines utility, art, and community/brand elements. Bulls vs Bears is definitely a platform to watch out for in the coming weeks and months.

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