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Buddles Ecosystem Brings Sustainability and Accountability to NFTs through AI and DAO Tooling

The Buddles Ecosystem, a project dedicated to creating a top tier community experience with a fun culture, has announced its goal to bring sustainability and accountability to the NFT space. The project's whitepaper outlines how all funding raised from the mint will be directed towards funding the projects listed, with a commitment to allocating 100% of mint funds into the Buddle DAO and value-creating ventures for holders. The Buddles project has three pillars of success: art, community, and utility.

The Buddles team underwent an exhaustive creative process before settling on the current art for Buddles, consisting of 5000 individually rendered pieces of art. The community is the core of everything the project does, and the team plans to differentiate itself by providing unique utility to the Solana ecosystem.

Buddle Orbs is the official genesis collection for the Buddles ecosystem, designed to be a quintessential element of utility for the project in parallel with Buddles. The Orbs unlock an all-access pass to everything Buddles, including an airdrop of the main Buddles collection and much more. The benefits of owning an Orb include an airdropped Buddle to every Orb, an extra guaranteed mint for Buddles, and a 10% chance of attaining an additional airdropped 1/1 Buddle.

In addition, Buddle Labs, a blockchain technology firm, has announced the development of a suite of AI tools to provide holders with productivity and insight tools for navigating the crypto and NFT space. The AI tools will include social presence growth, accurate and time-sensitive insight into NFT and cryptocurrency data, trend prediction, and social engineering tools. The company plans to provide unlimited subscriptions to the AI tooling software to holders, which will be holder gated, encouraging the purchase of an NFT to subscribe to the tooling offered.

Buddle Labs' startup incubator program aims to create new value streams for holders through project and business acquisitions within the Solana space. The company plans to embark on mutually beneficial acquisitions to strengthen the Buddles ecosystem as a whole. The Buddles marketing branch will create new value streams and strategic partnerships to provide holders with the maximum amount of value possible. All profits from marketing ventures will be funneled into the Buddles treasury for future developments.

Overall, the Buddles Ecosystem is aiming to create a sustainable and accountable NFT space through its AI and DAO tooling. The project's dedication to its community, art, and utility pillars is evident in the attention to detail paid to the creative process and the range of benefits offered to Orb holders. The development of AI tools and the startup incubator program further highlights the project's commitment to creating value for holders and strengthening the Buddles ecosystem as a whole.

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