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Project Breakdown

Set To Launch New PFP Collection with Innovative Technologies for Web3 Space

Bonfire has recently introduced a new PFP collection that offers practical benefits for holders and the SOL community as a whole. This new project aims to provide creative individuals with the opportunity to showcase their abilities by creating and developing their own unique digital assets. Bonfire also provides the community with a Raffle Platform and Launchpad, enabling users to create new opportunities and make money through various raffles.

According to Bonfire's founders, NFTs are not only a technology but also a form of art that adds value to the community. They believe that people should have the right to sell the tickets they bought for a certain raffle by reselling them on the secondary market. This way, they will not only be able to recoup their money but also potentially make a profit.

The Bonfire team is made up of experienced professionals, including a marketer, media specialist, strategy consultant, full-stack developer, and designer. The team's expertise in their respective fields will ensure the success of this innovative project.

The Bonfire roadmap shows that the team is dedicated to continuously building and improving the project. The Launchpad will earn a commission on every NFT sold, while Fireticket will earn commissions on each purchased ticket. From the total price pool of the Raffle, a small percentage will go to the pool of Fireticket.

The first 777 Free Fires Collection is completely free and will have an airdrop on the second Collection for holders. Holders will be guaranteed to receive at least one free NFT Bonfire. The second Collection, also known as the Main Collection, will provide passive income from Bonfire's platforms, privileges on their platforms, access to their and others' communities, and further passive income from their future ecosystem.

Bonfire Launchpad is built on the Metaplex Standard V2 and will incorporate the most advanced technology to ensure that transactions are processed quickly and without errors. What sets Bonfire Launchpad apart from others is that collection creators will be given a choice when creating a collection. They can either run a standard mint or choose the raffle mint option.

Overall, Bonfire is an exciting new project that offers unique and innovative technologies for the Web3 space. The project's founders are committed to providing the community with new possibilities for individuals to create and develop their own unique digital assets. Aim to mint one of the 777 free collection if you can.

BonFire Link's

Mint Date: TBA

Supply: 555


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