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BLOCK9 Introduces BidHub: A Revolutionary NFT Bidding App on Solana

BLOCK9, a new ecosystem for NFTs, has launched a proprietary app called BidHub that will change the way NFTs are minted and allocated on the Solana blockchain. The app is a semi-blind bidding mechanism that allows for a more democratic and transparent approach to NFT pricing, where the community determines the value of a new launch through the bidding process.

Unlike other fair price tools, BidHub eradicates the need to wait on a price curve to mint your specified price. It allows collectors to determine their own valuation of a project and offers flexibility in creating a bidding strategy. Moreover, BidHub eliminates time zone disadvantages for minting and is anti-botting, ensuring a fair and even playing field for all.

The app will be used as part of a business-to-business (B2B) service to launch new projects, and the revenue generated will be redirected back into rewards for holders of BLOCK9 NFTs. This will increase the value and benefits of holding them.

BLOCK9’s ecosystem consists of an NFT collection of dogs, each with a range of traits, fashion accessories, and emotions, which is sure to be a standout piece in any NFT holder's portfolio. Collectors of BLOCK9 NFTs will receive a share of the profits generated by the BidHub app in the form of rewards, which can be claimed by exchanging their $POWER tokens. By owning a BLOCK9 NFT, you will not only have a unique and collectible item, but also be entitled to receive benefits from the success of the BidHub service.

The BidHub app will shift the traditional whitelist model to the last phase of minting. This offers the whitelisted collector an option to mint at a low price in comparison to other non-whitelisted bids. With BidHub, whitelisted wallets have the choice to mint after seeing the public bidding dynamic, which gives them more control over the process.

BLOCK9's core team consists of experienced members who have been involved with successful projects such as Sandbar, Pesky Penguins, and Plato. Their diverse background and expertise will contribute to the success of BLOCK9.

The BidHub app is a fair and exciting way to launch NFT collections, and its success will disrupt the traditional whitelist model. It is a great addition to the growing NFT ecosystem on Solana and offers collectors an innovative and unique way to mint NFTs.

BLOCK9 Link's

BidHub: Click Here

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Discord: Click Here

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Amazing breakdown @Inside Out !😁

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