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Blessed Dogs [PxLeague]

Hyped Mint

Blessed Dogs is a free mint that revolves around bringing the fun back into the Solana blockchain. They believe that there is a gap in NFT entertainment content in the space and want to fix that by creating the first tournament where communities can compete against one another to win amazing prizes.

Before we get into their main utility, known as PxLeague, we'll first go over there early utility releases post mint.


Within their roadmap, they want to have five key parts completed before the first month, these include:

  1. Merchandising store ( Print on demand ) - there will be a merch store with items to support your favorite community ( You will be able to claim discounts with $EZY )

  2. Staking - Create a platform where you will be able to earn $EZY with your dog's NFTs

  3. Start the league streaming - The tournament will start just a few days after the collection mints, and you will have the possibility to support your community through our Twitch channel

  4. Include more utility to $EZY - Raffles, auctions, partnerships, WLs, etc

  5. Bets ( Dao decision ) - We are not lovers of betting, but we are aware of the impact and benefit that could give to the league. if the DAO decides that it is better to integrate a betting system we could consider it.

These utility releases are quite common in the Solana NFT space, but they do provide continuous value to holders.

Mid-term plans

After the first month, the Blessed Dogs team will begin diving into partnerships with other companies / projects within web3. The idea behind this is to raise capital so they can make the PxLeague sustainable and therefore keeping the prizes people win at a high standard.

Thereafter, they aim to expand their overall size of the leagues to 15 communities / teams, this creating a larger audience to engage with the league itself.

Lastly, they hint at a new sub-collection for the project - which will be minted in their native token $EZY. This collection's main aim - as of now - is to raise capital for them to open their very own IRL league

PxLeague (long-term plans)

PXLeague is the first crypto project that organizes a professional league between all the NFT communities. In their litepaper, they explain how you can participate in these leagues:

Option 1 - Just by holding an NFT from a collection that is participating in the league ( Ex - Okay bears, Bonkz, Taiyo, etc)
Option 2 - If you are holding an NFT from a community that is participating in the league, you can be the “ representative“ of that community, this is the person or group that will be playing the games and will be able to win special prizes.

None of the collections above are confirmed, they are just examples.

What types of games will be played:

The community will play different games every week, some of them will be per team, and others will be individually played. They also address that they would also like to do - in the future - is set up real life events; like football matches, boxing, basketball and more. However, for now, they are focusing heavily on online video games such as:

  • Falls Guys

  • Valorant

  • League of Legends

  • Clash Royale

All these games they host will also be streamed on their very own channel over on Twitch.

What are the prizes:

Here is a quote from their litepaper regarding the options possible when winning prizes through their events / leagues:

Option 1 - If you are NOT a representative, but your community won the game, all the holders of that collection will get an airdrop with $EZY, our native token that will give you some utilities.
Option 2 - If you are a representative and won the game, you will get airdropped with $EZY + a special gift ( NFT, USDC, Merch, etc. )

Furthermore, they address that they would like to implement new sorts of prizes, but their main goal is to be capable of rewarding the whole community and doing that is through their own token at the beginning of the project.

$EZY token and it's utility:

Here is what you will be able to spend their native token on in the future:

  • Discounts for our merchandising store

  • Participate in raffles (Blue chip NFTs or exclusive 1/1 art pieces)

  • Whitelist spots from future hyped projects

  • Future games decisions (through $EZY votes)

  • Art upgrade (buying new traits for your NFT)

The Blessed Dogs team explain that their native token will also be deflationary, as all the money that will come from the benefits mentioned above will be burned + the 35% of the money collected from partnerships will be used to burn the token too. This is something that we like to see in a project's tokenomics, but the use-case for the token must stay consistent or it could become hyperinflated - making it useless as so many people will have it.

My Opinion

For a free mint, this project has a decent amount of utility to offer. Honestly, I think this project can reach an easy 10x from the art alone - NFA (none-financial advice). Their utility isn't ground breaking or revolutionary - it's just a community focussed project that thrives from having a positive and engaging community itself. I would 100% check-out their art in their Discord, it's unique and looks amazing (especially for a FREE mint)! Therefore, I'd try and get whitelist for this project no matter what - it's literally free! I will probably sweep some off secondary to see how it goes, but at the end of the day it comes down to the community in this project to make it grow stronger - there is so much a team can do with the funds they will have for this project from their first collection. This, however, could change if they gain some solid partnerships that inject some capital into the project!

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