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Artrade: The All-In-One Art Platform Connecting Creators and Collectors

Artrade is a new platform that aims to revolutionize the art industry by offering an all-in-one solution for creators and collectors. The platform is designed to help artists build their visibility and community while giving collectors access to quality artworks in a secure way.

For creators, it's not just about creating art; they also need to find funds to support their work. However, it's often a struggle for artists to promote their work and gain recognition. Artrade solves this issue by providing a content-first experience that highlights the artists and their work. The platform also offers personalized pages for artists to showcase their one-of-a-kind works of art, making it easier for collectors to discover and appreciate their creations.

In addition to promoting their work, Artrade also provides a fair payment system for creators. Artrade's USD First policy safeguards talented artists from the instability of cryptocurrency while still benefiting from the power of blockchain technology.

For collectors, finding quality artwork can be a challenge. It can be time-consuming to search for the right information while avoiding scams. Artrade solves this issue by offering an immersive exploration experience that matches collectors' tastes and continuously inspires them. The platform also provides a secure environment for collectors to purchase quality artworks and become patrons 3.0 for the artists.

Artrade connects the art market by uniting multiple blockchains, allowing communities to come together and mutually reap the rewards. The platform also offers a unique space for creatives to assemble their collective and express themselves freely through social interactions.

Artrade is set to launch in early 2023, and the platform is currently onboarding its Genesis Artists. The testing phase will be conducted by the end of February 2023, and the platform will open as a drop soon after.

Artrade believes in an open world where all artworks, digital as well as traditional, become nftized. The platform aims to create a future where creators can earn a living from their art while collectors can easily find quality artwork in a secure way.

Artrades Link's

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Whitepaper: Click Here

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