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From NFTs to Play-to-Earn: Discover the Interesting Features of Alien Fungi

Alien Fungi is a new project that combines 3D art, NFTs, and an immersive RPG game, which will be launched on the Solana blockchain. The project aims to be more than just a game; it wants to be a whole ecosystem designed to empower players and producers. With its NFT tool extension, players will have access to real-time information on trending collections, live minting, and portfolio tracking, giving them a competitive edge in the NFT market.

The team behind Alien Fungi comprises a diverse group of professionals from around the world, including the founders Navar and Lakoo, full-stack developer Medak, collaboration lead Aver Princess, 3D animator Jefferson, comic illustrator Koundi, game developer Cosinus, digital artist Silah, and advisors. With a strong focus on team unity, the project aims to achieve 70% of its success through the efforts of the team.

At the heart of the NFT project are the Cudonians - a collection of 3D characters that bring the world of Alien Fungi to life. Each Cudonian is unique, with its own personality, traits, and backstory. The project's art style is inspired by the world of fantasy and science fiction. The world in which the Cudonians live and interact with each other is rich in detail and history, with its own mythology, cultures, and factions. As players collect Cudonians, they will learn more about their world and the stories behind each character, shaping the world's future through their actions.

Alien Fungi World is an RPG game with interesting gameplay. There are many quests to complete during the game, including side quests in addition to the main quests. The Alien Fungi World land includes the arena, lots of resources to collect, building your own empire, and more. Players earn $FUNGI tokens as a reward for playing the game, which can also be used as cryptocurrency in real life.

The Alien Fungi phone app is a powerful tool for NFT and cryptocurrency traders. Its features include Market (for tracking market trends), News (for staying up-to-date with the latest developments), Paper Trading (for testing trading strategies), and Portfolio (for tracking investments).

The Alien Fungi ecosystem is set up so that every holder in the collection can earn. There are three ways of earning: Play to Earn, Community Governance, and Tournaments & Battles. Players can earn $FUNGI tokens by completing quests and missions, while community governance allows $FUNGI token holders to have a say in the project's future development and direction. Finally, tournaments and battles among token holders will be implemented to showcase the best players and drive engagement.

In conclusion, Alien Fungi is a new project that combines 3D art, NFTs, and an immersive RPG game to create a whole ecosystem designed to empower players and producers. The team plan on releasing the analytic tool , mobile app then the game post mint. It is still very early days for this project, it's worth taking a look.

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