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Hyped Mint

Once upon a time, there was a group known as the KYDS, who were notorious for their playful mischief and tendency to create chaos. Yet, what many didn't know is that beneath their wild exterior lay a group of brilliant minds. They had honed their skills in video gaming, becoming experts in every game they played. Despite their talents, the KYDS had fully embraced their degenerate ways and become content with living a lazy lifestyle, never venturing out of their basements to explore the world. This lack of ambition left them broke and confined to their basements. But the future holds promise, as the group is starting to realize their potential and take steps towards leveling up not only in-game, but in life as well..”

The KYDS team intend to "tick every box" they see mandatory in a strong "NFT Project". What KYDS currently offers is:

Core Offerings:

- A Hub of Retro-Themed Arcade Gams tailored for Web3 Community Interactions and Competitions (including leaderboards and 1v1 wager games). - Access to AI Tools like ChatGBT on their Discord. - Seminars on a wide range of topics such as AI, Coding, Poker, Trading, Finance, and Personal Development.

The KYDS project seems to have a whole range of utility and directions they want to take. Here is a quick list (quoted from their litepaper) of all the things that you will potentially see within the up-and-coming KYDS project:

  • High-quality Art

  • Strong Brand Identity

  • Rewarding Community Experience

  • Innovative Utilities

  • Long-Term Vision

  • Experienced Team

  • Mobile-Friendly, Skill based Games

  • Web3 Tools and Applications

  • AI-Powered Discord Bots

  • Educational Seminars

  • Revenue share from game fees (approx. 75%)

A lot of - quite random - utility if I am honest. It seems they have a lot to offer their holders, through educational utility, web3 tools and even revenue share from their game(s).

My Opinion

Honestly, I see this project succeeding if they heavily focus on getting out their game(s) and securing the revenue share for their holders. At the end of the day, people will over-see all their other utility and will want that revenue share from their games. Yes, the other utility they have to offer may be deemed useful is some people's eyes, but I think the general view on this project will what their overall revenue share is for holders.

I am worried that the Discord bots, web3 tools and educational seminars will just be fillers for holders to use until their platform is out. When I call their other utilities 'fillers', it's mainly due to past experiences in other projects that had similar utility like KYDS. Therefore, I could be completely wrong as I do not know the KYDS team well at all! They do mention in their litepaper that they will have a "playable alpha before main mint", so they could actually have the working product for their games out pretty close after mint day.

Overall, I think this project has potential, I don't know how well it will do on mint day due to not seeing their playable alpha of their game(s). Therefore, I would try and secure whitelist for this project - not presale - just to be on the save side! Although, the presale will be much cheaper and a safer bet if you are going to mint this regardless! Needless to say, this project is gaining a lot of hype, and if there's one thing you DO NOT want to fade is the hype of a upcoming project. Social / Links:

Website -



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