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Hue NFT Project: A New Culture and Ethics on zkSync Chain

Hue is a new generative art NFT project that aims to set a new culture and ethics on the zkSync chain. The project is based on the belief in a multi-chain future, and it seeks to differentiate itself from other NFT projects through its unique artistic style and design.

Kenbak, the artist behind Hue, drew inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including Roman mosaic, Pop Art, Street Art, Anime, and retro video games. The result is a clean, colorful, and abstract design that captures the essence of human uniqueness in an 8 x 8 pixel space.

Kenbak and Hunter are two individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who share a common goal of establishing a long-lasting and significant project. Kenbak, with his passion for art, design, and travel, brings a creative flair to the team. On the other hand, Hunter's expertise as a professional screenwriter, IP attorney, and inventor complements Kenbak's skills. The duo shares a strong work ethic and values, which they plan to incorporate into their project. With a commitment to transparency, they both plan to dox after the project's launch.

One significant aspect of the Hue collection is its size. Because the NFTs are so small, the entire collection's data can be stored on the chain, making it a forever NFT. The project also incorporates philosophical and literary design inspirations, setting it apart from other generative art NFT projects.

The collection consists of 6,400 NFTs, a number chosen in reference to the Atari 6400, the artist's first video game console. The project's initial target audience includes multi-chain adventurers, explorers, gamers, artists, and degens.

The Hue project utilizes zkSync, a fast, secure, and low-transaction-fee chain, to enhance the user experience for collectors. Additionally, the Matter Labs team behind zkSync is committed to advancing values that should be important to all Web3 users, such as freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization, and privacy.

The project believes its success will come from Kenbak's incredible art, which has attracted a growing following of supporters and collaborators. The Hue team has reached out to other communities on ETH and other L2s, and the demand for the project has been positive, with around 200 new collab tickets in recent days.

In conclusion, the Hue NFT project aims to create a new culture and ethics on the zkSync chain, driven by a unique artistic style and a commitment to the values of Web3. With its small, forever NFTs and its philosophical and literary design inspirations, Hue is setting itself apart from other generative art NFT projects.

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