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UnknownAIO: Redefining All-In-One NFT Automation Tools with Art, Investment, and Omnitools

UnknownAIO is seeking to redefine the meaning of All-in-One (AIO) commonly known as NFT automation tools by incorporating everything one needs into a single collection. The collection consists of three primary functions; Art, Investment, and Omnitools. According to the team, the collection is designed to be a viable investment product.

The Art component of the collection features futuristic PFP art developed in partnership with a professional art studio. The characters are vibrantly colored with a sci-fi flair and an air of mystery. The investment component is designed to be a choice investment portfolio among NFT collectors. The team has designed a sustainable business model to generate returns for holders.

The Omni-tool, which is still under development, is designed to be the Swiss Army Knife of NFT automation. It includes various features such as analytics, snipe module, mint modules, and wallet management utilities. Multiple utilities built into one single tool generate revenue for the project, which is deposited into the revenue pool. The revenue pool is then used to pay for tool maintenance and development, revenue share with holders, and payment for staff.

The team has already delivered multiple utilities that are LIVE, such as token swapping, NFT burning, NFT bulk sending, mint calendar, and wallet tracker. Access to the tool is free for everyone, but micro fees will be charged for each transaction. The team is currently working on developing more utilities, such as the Snipe Tool, Gaming, Private RPC Node, Cross-chain functionality, among others, which will be released soon.

UnknownAIO's roadmap for 2023 includes Quarter 1 activities focused on testing and releasing the first version of tools to beta testers. Gen 0 Mint (Weapon) and Gen 1 Mint (AKnown Warrior) are planned for Quarter 2, with a focus on promoting the tool across the ecosystem and exploring the feasibility of incorporating holders' revenue share into a business model. Quarter 3 will see the release of the SaaS model, as well as cross-chain (BTC) introduction and education. Finally, in Quarter 4, UnknownAIO plans to release Gen 3 Mint (GKnown Warrior) and expand to cross-chain (Polygon/Polkadot).

UnknownAIO NFT holders are set to enjoy a range of benefits, including top-tier PFP art, heavily discounted success fees, revenue share, WL giveaways, and priority support/troubleshooting from the team's developers. The team consists of three professionals, namely DV404.sol (Head developer, Product designer), Elione (Community manager, Quality assurance), and Nicola~ (Lead Artist). DV is an MS in Computer Science with over nine years of full-stack development experience. Elione is an automation engineer by trade, and Nicola is the COO of ForceStaff Studios.

NFT holders enjoy discounted success fees, revenue share, WL giveaways, and priority support. Paired with a team of three experienced professionals, UnknownAIO has potential to do well in the NFT automation space.

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