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UGS Labs Launches Innovative Suite of Products for the NFT Ecosystem

UGS Labs, a company dedicated to building products and services that exponentially increase the potential of the NFT ecosystem as a whole, has announced the launch of their new suite of products: Core, Cedar, and Black Market. These innovative solutions are designed to benefit all users within the NFT ecosystem, from traders and collectors to creators and marketplaces.

Core, the Solana-based Automated Liquidity Provider (ALP), is an easy-to-use browser extension that enables traders and collectors to scale their portfolios by purchasing NFTs at dramatically below listing prices. The extension allows users to deposit as little as 33% and as much as 99% of the value of the NFT, thus providing access to leverage trading. This is especially beneficial for traders and collectors who may lack the required liquidity or risk tolerance to invest.

Cedar, the Conditional NFT Generator, is an innovative tool that solves common issues faced by creators, such as colliding layers. This tool allows creators to generate NFTs that are conditionally formatted, making them more unique and valuable. This provides creators with more control over their creations and allows them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Black Market is a multi-dimensional auction house where holders, creators, and the public can access exclusive opportunities on NFTs, 1/1 art, whitelist spots, and other prizes. This is a great way for holders and creators to monetize their collections and gain exposure to new audiences. The Black Market is also a great way for the public to access rare and unique NFTs that they may not be able to find elsewhere.

UGS Labs has also launched The Underground Society, a PFP collection of 5,000 NFTs. The holders of this collection receive unique benefits tied directly to the products and services of UGS Labs. The collection is comprised of over 900 conditionally formatted layers and has a fleshed-out lore, including a whole universe, with a prologue and chapters that are released monthly. Through gamified and engaging systems, the community will have the ability to participate and eventually take over how these chapters end and where the story progresses.

The Underground Society is more than just a collection of NFTs, it is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the NFT ecosystem. The collection was designed with Utility, Art, Lore, and Community in mind, providing holders with a unique and engaging experience.

UGS Labs is committed to providing value to their holders and is excited to see the impact that their products and services will have on the NFT ecosystem. With Core, Cedar, Black Market, and The Underground Society, UGS Labs is providing traders, collectors, creators, and marketplaces with the tools they need to succeed in the rapidly growing NFT market.

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