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TheAsset Launches Fully Integrated Discord Casino

TheAsset, a new NFT project on Solana, has launched a fully integrated Discord casino. In a recent interview with me, the founder, Chester, spoke about the project's background and how it came to be.

"We thought that because everyone in the NFT space spends so much time on Discord, we should also offer them some games also integrated on Discord, because a large part of this community spends a good part of the day here," Chester said.

TheAsset is unique because it is the first fully integrated Discord casino, and all the games are thought and designed by the team, making them as interactive as possible for everyone.

"Being in this space for more than one year and a half, we had relationships, knowledge, and experience," Chester said, discussing the process of launching the project on Solana and the challenges they faced.

The community that has formed around TheAsset is an essential aspect of its success, according to Chester.

"The community is everything and does everything in every project. The community will always decide the success of a project. Of course, without a founder to give people the reasons to be part of the project, this is not possible. But for me personally, the community is the most important."

Looking towards the future, TheAsset has plans to release another fully integrated game on Discord, as well as other games that they have already planned. Chester also sees a bright future for NFTs and blockchain technology and believes that TheAsset is well-positioned to be a part of it.

"We are already going to release another fully integrated game on Discord, completely thought and designed by us. And then there will be other games that we already have planned. I believe that this will be the future, and I personally will continue to be here."

The project's team is composed of various individuals with diverse backgrounds, all working towards the project's success. Chester also spoke about the security and authenticity of the NFTs created on their platform, stating that since NFTs are created on the blockchain, all transactions are visible, promoting transparency and fairness in the NFT market.

In terms of sales and partnerships, TheAsset has sold out its private presale in two days and its public presale in less than an hour. They will have a small collection of 555 NFTs, with the main mint happening in April. They also have various partnerships, and their games can be integrated into other Discord servers.

Overall, TheAsset aims to set itself apart from others in the NFT space by being the first fully integrated Discord casino and by promoting social responsibility through its charitable aspect. As Chester stated, "The community is the most important."

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