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The Insider [13 - 19/02/2023]

Hadeswap Acquire SMB [13/02]:

Hadeswap has just announced their acquisition of Solana Monkey Business. Source: [CLICK HERE] MonkeDAO's response on the matter is that they had their first meeting to discuss this matter with Hadeswap on February 12th. Source: [CLICK HERE]

Immortals Tease New Game + Revenue Share Statistics [14/02]:

The Immortals team teased that they are releasing their new gambling game sometime late this week or next week. People speculate in their general chat that it will be a "tower-like-game" - no confirmations yet. The current pay-out this week for Immortals is already at 0.17 SOL per NFT, making Immortals one of the best ROI projects on the whole of Solana at this given time. Source: [CLICK HERE]

DeGods Announce BTC NFTs [14/02]:

The DeGods team have made the 535 burned DeGods Ordinals (BTC NFTs), and they are all located on one block - inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain forever. Source: [CLICK HERE]

PEW PEW: Canisters Sell-out [15/02]:

All the PEW PEW whitelist canisters have officially sold out, and the team are now initiating the second phase of their roadmap - their 'Spaceships' mint. Source: [CLICK HERE]

Taiyo Robotics Tease Next Phase for Pilots [16/02]:

The Pilots Twitter posted for people to "hold onto their cores" for the third phase of their reveal. Thus, this hinting that the cores for the reveal will be very important. Source: [CLICK HERE]

The Bastards launching with Solport Launchpad + Release of their New Teaser [16/02]:

The Bastards recently announced that they are launching on the Taiyo Robotics Launchpad, and a portion of the supply will be minted in Taiyo's native token Graphite ($GP). Source: [CLICK HERE] The team have also released a new teasers for their project. Source: [CLICK HERE]



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