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SHYFT Launches Suite of Services for Simplified Solana Development

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

SHYFT has launched a suite of managed services aimed at simplifying web3 development. The services are designed to make it easier to launch scalable decentralized apps in a time when doing so can be akin to a "monster hunt."

The suite of services includes a range of web3 modules that provide developers with the ability to create, read, update, and burn NFTs programmatically. The modules also allow developers to launch an in-app NFT marketplace in SOL or another currency, program their own fungible tokens, fetch user portfolios, denote users with their named accounts, enable gasless payments in their dApp, and create a program monitor for listening to on-chain activities.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

The team comprises of a diverse set of individuals, each with their unique skillset and passions. Ishkaran Singh, the CEO, is a problem solver who is passionate about using technology to create products that make a difference. Vishesh Gupta, the CTO, is a full-stack developer who loves to travel and explore new adventures. Girish Nayak, the COO, brings his expertise in marketing, visual design, and operations to the team. Rex, the backend JS developer and DevOps expert, is a quick learner and an enthusiast who is always eager to explore new things.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

Mrunmay, the backend full-stack developer, is a problem solver and adventurer at heart. Abhirup, the frontend developer, is a design enthusiast and a traveler who loves to create beautiful and functional websites. Vaishnavi, the designer, is committed to creating meaningful experiences through her design. Lastly, Vittal, the marketing expert, is a solo traveler and techno maximalist who is a self-proclaimed magic internet JPEG connoisseur.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

SHYFT's managed services are designed to save developers time and cost by providing a range of functionalities out of the box. For example, the suite of services includes making NFTs queryable, simplified decentralized storage, programmable tokens, and an in-app marketplace. SHYFT's NFT module allows for the creation, reading, updating, or burning of NFTs programmatically, with all NFTs auto-indexed and stored in the company's databases in a denormalized format.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

SHYFT's suite of services also includes a wallet that allows developers to access user blockchain data at high speeds. All data is auto-indexed and cached for a superior user experience. The wallet allows developers to get a user's entire portfolio in one call, search wallets for specific tokens or NFTs, address users by their .sol domain name, and provide gated access based on wallet content.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

SHYFT's services for fungible tokens allow developers to launch their own tokens and mint them on demand, while the services for storage allow for data to be uploaded to decentralized storage (IPFS).

SHYFT's services are authenticated using API keys. The company provides Swagger UI and Postman to enable developers to test their SHYFT keys. SHYFT also has a discord channel where developers can connect with the company to understand its core values and what it stands for. The company is committed to making its tools and products easy to manage, integrate, and debug.

Solana Blockchain NFT Project Crypto TYSM

SHYFT's Link's

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Dev Documentation: Click Here

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