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Kodama: The Nostalgic NFT Project that Brings Together Adventure and Imagination

Kodama, a family-friendly NFT project, aims to attract a new audience to Solana's ecosystem through gamified and interactive storytelling. Kodama is not just about minting NFTs; it aims to offer a unique experience that goes beyond the initial purchase.

The project aims to tap into the nostalgia of a golden age of cartoons, imagination, and adventure. Kodama does not end at the NFT. Unique storytelling experiences, physical merchandise, community gamification, and novel technical products and services are being built to continue to grow Kodama: Together World well beyond the mint day.

One of the challenges faced by NFT projects is the distribution of NFTs during pre-sales. KodamaVest is a trustless escrow that replaces these agreements with one that is programmatically enforced on the blockchain. It allows users to no longer need to trust a project or worry if they will receive their NFTs in the future. Vestings for each user are easily set up before public mint and can be double-checked for accuracy.

KodamaVest also ensures fair and trustless distribution of pre-sale NFTs. NFTs are minted directly from the candy machine to an escrow wallet owned by the pre-sale buyer, preserving the randomness of the candy machine. This guarantees fairness for all presale buyers and eliminates the possibility of the least desirable NFTs being sent to some buyers while others receive the best ones.

Kodama: Together World is set in a feudal Japan-like world where people and spirits struggle to live together and find balance. It offers a storybook experience where users can forge their own story through decisions in a magical, dangerous, and unpredictable world. It is a mixture of choose-your-own-adventure and role-playing game combined with permanence that only web3 can bring.

Kodama aims to build products and services that serve the community and continue to grow the Kodama brand in a way that benefits the holders and the Solana network. The project's ultimate goal is to develop a living, breathing world with characters and history that drive stories people want to share.

Solana has a lack of family-friendly projects that serve as a first exposure to web3. Existing users on Solana have too often been taken advantage of by product creators or VCs. Kodama is a project that brings a new audience to Solana's ecosystem while offering a unique and enjoyable experience that goes beyond the initial NFT purchase. The art is flames and I would definitely look into this one.

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