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Jarfus Brings AI and Web3 Together for an Exciting NFT Experience

Jarfus, a new NFT project, is taking the latest AI and web3 technology to provide a unique and cutting-edge experience. The project uses the latest AI models to offer super crisp art, interactive bots, and unique utility. While there are other projects that have used AI, Jarfus believes they stand out by leveraging it alongside web3 tech.

The two co-founders, both experienced developers, want to create a fun experience for their community while exploring new and exciting AI technology. They believe that starting with this framework will allow them to maximize the value of their NFTs and the tight-knit community that comes with it.

One of the co-founders has developed over 15 Solana projects, ranging from small to large, while the other has deep roots in the traditional gaming industry and AI. Together, they make a powerful pair of developers that can make almost anything happen.

Jarfus NFT holders will enjoy many perks, including special poses and upgrades, private one-on-one sessions, access to special discord AI bots, and more. Beyond this, they will also have a beautiful piece of art with developers who are cooking up wild utility every day. The team wants to carve out an elite name for themselves and bring their holders with them.

The project is not just about money, but about developers building fun experiences for their community. They believe in making the community the heart of what they do and listen to what the community wants and respond accordingly. The team has already taken community requests for custom art and delivered.

Jarfus has developed incredibly intricate pipelines that will allow them to generate art and upgrade art in a never-before-seen way. Their AI can generate interactive bots, image generation, and many other things. The project is set in a futuristic Sci-Fi world that revolves around a sport called Rolling, so the NFTs will feature futuristic themes with the girls sporting cool mecha-like suits.

Jarfus NFTs are not just basic models, but instead offer a mix of attributes that are unique to AI art like this. This will play a big role in upgrade paths and one-on-one sessions. The team is also planning to create a unique market for finding cheap Jarfus and upgrading them to something epic.

Jarfus is set to mint on the 27th, and the team is excited to see the response from the community. The team is keeping an active ear open to the community and wants them to drive this project as much as possible. They plan to hold discord polls that are token gated, and if the community demands it, there are many DAO management tools out there.

Overall, Jarfus is a promising project that brings AI and web3 technology together to provide an exciting NFT experience.

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