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Gib + GibMoons

Project Breakdown [Gib]

Gib is a pre-mint, allow-list and presale protocol that allows customers to easily claim an allow-list spot, token, or presale reservation. They state that their technology helps save projects time and money, but especially allows projects to gauge demand pre-mint and create authentic buy-in.

Let's breakdown the three main utilities that are the pillars of Gib.


There has always been loyal supporters and OGs within projects that have been there since the very beginning of a launching project. Many projects like to give these loyal supports free mints, rewards and more. GibPresale allows a project's most loyal supporters or partners to pay for and reserve their NFT before the project has minted a collection. This creates early buy-in and allows project's to gauge demand. The team behind Gib are heavily focussed on pre-mint solutions that lead to a better mint for both the project creators and minters themselves.


There has always been an unorganised and outdated system in allocating and distributing allow-list tokens from creators to their upcoming minters - GibToken is here to solve this issue. It's the first of it's kind, which will act as a pay-to-claim allow-list token system. Their ATD (Automatic Token Distribution) platform is very simple and easy to use:

Creators send Gib their allowlist wallets and minters are provided with a link to their dashboard where they can claim and pay for their allow-list mint tokens. This reducing interruptions with distributing the tokens, creating a smooth process and requiring no developer work on the project's side.

This system is needed in this space, we all have waited tirelessly for allow-list tokens to be airdropped to us and most of us - if all - have been slapped with the "Solana TPS is rugging us" announcement from problems of such.


There are many different methods projects use when minting their NFT collection. The Gib team have developed a solution for wallet-based mints, which has the same concept as their GibToken system. It will work by:

  • Projects giving them their native Discord allow-list roles or wallet list.

  • Minters are then provided with a link to their dashboard where they can exchange x amount of $SOL (or other tokens) as a fee to secure their allow-list spot.

Solutions that Gib provides

There are so many issues with whitelists / presale / allow-lists distribution and I truly believe Gib has his the nail on the head in fixing these issues. Here are also a few things that Gib also fixes - quoted from their FAQ in their Discord:

Whether using our wallet or token-based system, Gib saves projects time and money by automating their presale & allowlist process and shifting the claim burden to the customer/minter.
Allowlist farming is discouraged as customers/minters must pay a fee for their presale/allowlist spot/token, which forces them to determine their interest ahead of time.
Most importantly, demand for a project can now be assessed PRE-MINT. With Gib, projects can calculate demand in a way that was never possible.

Project Breakdown [GibMoons]

Moons provide you - as a holder - access to real, value-driven utility. The moon will also act as a pass to redeem for multiple NFTs from their future PFP collection. Currently, the value (utility) for holders goes as follows:

  • Exclusive presales and whitelists

  • NFT & SOL rewards

  • Discounts on Gib services

  • Grant program for builders

With the increase in presale use within the NFT ecosystem, the exclusive access to them through Gib will be come very beneficial for all holders and the discounts on Gib services will attract projects to buy a moon for that very reason. This creating a solid continuous demand for GibMoons.

GibMoons: Goals & Roadmap ahead

In the first quarter of the year, the Gib team state that they will continue to innovate and improve GibPresale and maintain their title as the top presale tech provider in the space. Furthermore, they add that they have introduced Ethereum to the GibPresale experience. Having cross-chain utility is very valuable for NFT projects, as it provides further reach within the whole NFT ecosystem.

In the second quarter, Gib have set out to achieve strong P/L growth m/m and to secure partnerships and service agreements with top NFT / Crypto organisations. Having solid partnerships in this space can go along way, but only time will tell how good these partnerships will be! Lastly, they state that they would like to achieve a monthly client revenue of $3 million by the end of the second quarter. A fairly ambitious but highly achievable forecast.

GibMoons: Collection information

There are - currently - 877 moons in the collection, with three different rarities. These moons will be a vesting vehicle for PFPs from their future collection. There will also be eleven 1/1s, one is already in the collection itself. The rarity of the moons go as follows:

Solana NFT Project: GibMoons Rarity

As shown above, the rarity of GibMoons truly matters in terms of the amount of NFTs you will receive when they are burnt for their PFP collection.

My Opinion

Gib is a very promising and healthy project. It provides innovative utility that is fresh for the Solana ecosystem and they execute it very well! Yes, you could say the utility is quite simple, but it's affective and is slowly but surely being used in every upcoming project on Solana and Ethereum.

A GibMoon provides quite straight forward utility, but having the chance of picking up presales for all the new hyped upcoming projects for just being a holder is excellent. Gib is leading the presale meta, so without a doubt, you will be securing a lot of presales as a GibMoon holder. As stated, when you're a GibMoon holder you also get discounts on their services - this starts attracting not just NFT traders but upcoming project founders. If projects have the ability to minimise their pre-mint spending on presale / allow-list / token management via picking up a GibMoon they are definitely going to do it. Thus, this creates external buy pressure on the project itself - adding to the volume of the secondary sales on the collection itself.

Overall, I think Gib is a great buy & hold - the value from presales alone makes this NFT a must-have in this current market.

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