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Experience the Best of Art and Web3 with Empyreals

Empyreals is a new NFT project based on the Solana network, comprising of three factions, namely Ancients, Explorers, and Spectres. The project wants to bring together the best of the art world and the Web3 ecosystem by creating a token-gated system that rewards holders with exclusive access to the works of highly skilled innovators in the field. These rewards include captivating experiences, monthly rewards, mystery events, and collaborations for its holders.

The art at the heart of Empyreals is fire with intricately designed characters, each designed and illustrated by their lead artist. The team has created a diverse cast of 100+ base characters with over 500+ traits, each with their own distinct style and personality, representing one of the most unique and appealing artworks on the chain.

The project's reward hub, Arcane, sets it apart from other reward systems through a systematic and lasting system, offering mega Mystox rewards monthly. Holders can access these rewards by earning Jade points through staking. The team aims to introduce monthly physical rewards that will create mysterious and exciting experiences, further driving the value of these rewards and benefiting the Empyreal holders in the future too.

In order to fully participate in all Empyreals events, holders will need to use JADE, a point system designed to reward those who are the most dedicated to the project. One of the ways Jade can be earned is by staking the NFT, which can be used to gain access to exclusive events, rewards, and experiences.

Empyreals is on a mission to unite the entire NFT community across different chains, starting with the inclusion of people from Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon as the first members of the community. With 50 Ancients and 100 Explorers, each bringing their distinct skill sets and expertise, Empyreals is equipped to navigate any challenges.

Overall, Empyreals offers a distinctive and rewarding approach, aiming to providing its holders with captivating experiences, exclusive rewards, and opportunities that are not available to others. The team aims to push the boundaries of imagination, creating excitement, mystery, and anticipation for its community, while building a strong and loyal base of supporters who are truly invested in the success of Empyreals.

Empyreals Link's

Twitter: Click Here

Discord: Click Here

Website: Click Here

Whitepaper: Click Here

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