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Project Breakdown

Dworfz aims to offer a new method and approach to web3 individual's and company's marketing. They continue to say that they will deliver an accurate result by helping such individuals reach their target audience. Futhermore, Dworfz offers a range of B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing engagement tools and gaming platforms. They offer a multi-chain suite of utility that provides both the web2 and web3 world the opportunity of stake-holding in their platform.

Breakdown: The Dworfz Collection

The Dworfz project consists of three collections.

The First Collection

This collection consists of 333 NFTs that provide permanent free access to Ragnarok, increased revenue share, ten guaranteed mints, custom 1/1 made from a description from the airdrop holders, and exclusive access to the core team.

The Second Collection

This will be considered the 'main collection' of the project overall. If holding the NFT(s) of this collection you will be offered access to all the tools' revenue share, free monthly use of all tools, ability to stake NFTs for points via the D token and weekly free participation in the game "Fall Arena" - which gives opportunities to win prizes.

The Third Collection

Not a lot of information is given out for this collection, they have kept most, if not all, the information a mystery for the public - for now. More will be revealed to the holders of the previous collection(s) in the future of the project.

Lastly, the Dworfz team express that if you own all three of the collections you will be given hidden benefits.

Breakdown: Tokenomics Simplified

The Dworfz ecosystem will revolve around a points system that is used to track active community members who engage with the tools they provide. Here is the basics of their system quoted from their litepaper:

Users earn 1 point per action with a maximum of 5 points per engagement. Accumulating points rewards loyalty and consistency and qualifies users for grand opportunities.
Dworfz will share 55% of revenue that includes the fees from our clients that use Ragnarok, our launchpad game fee, fall arena game revenue, divine, our alpha callers, educational solution tool and more with the NFT holders and allocate 10% each to the team, marketing, and points system while retaining 15% to project growth.

55% - Revenue

15% - Project Growth

10% - Marketing Plan

10% - Team

10% - Points System

Breakdown: Project Ragnarok

The took system is designed to help content creators, business owners, collaboration managers, alpha callers, and the community increase exposure both within and outside the web3 world.

Within their points system, the points are earned by interacting with various tasks associated with a Tweet. If you like, retweet, comment, follow or even join a Discord from that given Tweet you will rewarded with points. Each task can be assigned to each of the actions listed that will reward you with those points. Furthermore, after completing all the tasks that Ragnarok provides you will be put into a reward raffle for extra rewards. This concept is known as Raid-2-Earn in the web3 world.

Breakdown: Pandora Launchpad

The Dworfz team explicitly say that they are heavily focussed on finding problems, fixing them and this is exactly what their NFT project launchpad focuses on. Here is the information the Dworfz team have provided to describe their launchpad:

Our launchpad Pandora will open its doors to any project with good potential for a small percentage exchange of their NFT collection that will be given to our community / treasury.
Pandora will handle the entire mint process smoothly, and we will also assist with marketing using our marketing tools, Ragnarok.
We will further provide networking services to help the project reach its target audience, which is crucial for project's setup.

How Pandora will work

Within the launchpad, the community and public will have access to mint as many 'boxes' (these are pretty much the NFTs) as they want and the mint window will be open to everyone at the same time. There are three possible outcomes from these Pandora's boxes:

  1. You get to mint one box successfully.

  2. You get to mint two boxes for the price of one.

  3. You get to mint one box for half the price.

At the end of the mint, you will be able to check from their platform if your box contains an NFT or if its empty (your money will be completely refunded to you from their platform). Although, this does not apply if a minter has a guaranteed mint, if they do they will receive the mint 100% of the time.

Breakdown: Project Devine & Project Fall Arena

Project Devine

This is a tool that eases the workload of community contributors, particularly alpha callers. They say that it will simplify the transmission of information and alpha calls and provides incentivised benefits to holders. Furthermore, their will be a leaderboard to rank prominent, and upcoming alpha callers based on their calls' quality and inform the community of their credibility.

The overall aim of this tool is to help achieve faster information flow within the web3 space and reward the community with the mot trustworthy calls alongside giving exposure to deserved alpha callers.

Fall Arena

A game consisting of up to 10 contenders playing to be the Last Man Standing, with unique characters and fighters. There will be a level of skill and strategy to win in Fall Arena. Some games played may involve $SOL or other token(s) to enter as the prizes may be larger and need funding. The Dworfz team emphasis on the game being very high-quality and addictive too.

Project Otis & Project Eclipse

Both these projects have little to no information out yet, and will be hinted at more in the future of the Drowfz project.

My Opinion

Okay! What a type out this post has been! I must say, this project has A LOT to offer and seems to not just be your standard launchpad project. I love that the launchpad will fully refund minters if they don't get a successful mint for one. Also, I extremely love the fact that the the team behind this have created tools to help projects market! A huge thing in this space is marketing your project and doing it right. I hope this tool really does work it's magic and help other upcoming projects.

Their tool 'Project Devine' sounds absolutely amazing too, we need to have a system in this space that shows the legitimacy and trustworthiness of alpha callers. Being able to look on a leaderboard and see which alpha caller is the best is a great idea. I think this will encourage more people to speak out about their own alpha they have found and that will directly help others in this space too.

Overall, I think this project has a lot of potential and I can definitely see this picking up a lot of hype. However, we do have too many launchpads on Solana already, but I feel this project might have a good edge over the rest of them. I would definitely try and get whitelist for this project as soon as possible. Especially try and get whitelist for their first collection, it looks like it's going to be a profitable one for all who mint it.




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