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Duel Arena: The Future of Online Casino Gaming with Provably Fair Blockchain Technology and Unique NFT Collection

Duel Arena, a new online casino platform, has recently launched its unique platform that offers both Player-versus-Player (PvP) and Player-versus-Dealer (PvD) gaming experiences. The platform is built on web3 technology and utilizes fast, scalable blockchain technology like Solana to provide a secure and immersive experience to players worldwide.

The team behind Duel Arena has focused on creating a community-focused project that provides an excellent gambling experience for players of all levels and interests. Their top priority is to ensure the platform is secure and provably fair, and they're achieving this goal by using state-of-the-art technology.

One of the platform's standout features is its unique games that are not found on any other platform. The team is committed to using blockchain technology to enhance existing games and create new ones that will improve the overall player experience. The platform encourages community engagement, and to this end, they've launched an NFT collection called DUELWHALES, giving players a new way to interact with the platform.

What sets the Duel Arena NFT collection apart is its utility. Holders of these NFTs receive a weekly 70% rev-share of the revenue generated on the platform. Another 10% of the revenue is allocated towards tournament prize pools that are accessible through the platform's utility token. The mint funds generated from the sale of the NFTs are also being used to fund the non-PvP gambling games on the platform and further development of fun games and the project.

To get started, registering for an account is quick, easy, and secure. Players will need to have a wallet installed in their browser to access the platform, and once it's configured, they can connect it to their account by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button. Players can start playing games right away, and they'll be automatically logged in every time they visit the platform in the future.

Duel Arena's gaming offerings include player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-dealer (PvD) gambling games. The platform offers Duel Blackjack and Classic Blackjack, with different minimum bets ranging from 0.05 SOL to 10 SOL. In Duel Blackjack, the objective is to beat other players at the table rather than the dealer, with the player closest to 21 without going over being the winner. In Classic Blackjack, the objective is to beat the dealer by having a higher, unbusted hand.

The platform also offers a proprietary ranking system that rewards players with points for every pot they win, with different rates for player-versus-dealer (PvD) and player-versus-player (PvP) games. The points system also considers the number of players on the table for PvP games, as it is harder to win against many players than against a few.

Duel Arena has introduced Duel King, every 15th of the month, the player ranked #1 on the leaderboard gets crowned as the Duel King. The title can be challenged by anyone for a small fee, and the winner inherits the title along with the 2 SOL prize. This not only provides users with a chance to earn SOL, but also offers them a unique badge for their profile and a spot in the hall of fame forever. To ensure fair play and prevent gamification, the challenges are anonymous, and the Duel King must play a certain number of battles per day to maintain the title. If the minimum requirement is not met, the highest-ranked player at the time becomes the new Duel King. This innovative concept is a great way to incentivize players to continue playing on the platform and strive to achieve the ultimate title of Duel King.

Duel Arena has a roadmap for Q1 and Q2 2023 that includes the launch of the Duel Arena platform and the introduction of Blackjack games to build the community and gather player feedback to refine the offerings. The roadmap also includes the release of the Collection, the introduction of the utility token, staking and weekly mechanisms, and the implementation of level 2 for players.

In summary, Duel Arena is a new online casino platform that offers a unique gaming experience to players worldwide. With their commitment to using blockchain technology to improve existing games and create new ones, the platform encourages community engagement and provides various achievements and badges to be earned. It is definitely one to watch as It's minting later on this week.

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