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Cosmic Crew Set Top Launch a Unique NFT Collection and Introduces W3CREW Platform for Web3 Freelancers

Cosmic Crew, is set to launch an NFT collection, created by artist Tank, was inspired by her book "The Archipelago of the Five Citadels." The collection features intergalactic characters with unique color palettes and individual traits that seamlessly work together.

The founders of Cosmic Crew, CREM and Beast, spent weeks researching how to integrate traditional illustration techniques with NFTs to create a quality art collection. The result is a labor of love and detail that stands out from other NFT collections.

Moreover, Cosmic Crew has launched a new platform called W3CREW, which aims to simplify the process of finding the best freelancers for web3 projects. With W3CREW, project owners can easily find and hire the best freelancers in the space. The platform will feature an escrow service for payments, making it secure for both parties.

Freelancers, on the other hand, can keep their profiles updated with their latest projects and communicate with project owners directly. Once they are accepted on the platform, their profile will show up whenever a project owner searches for the criteria that match their skills.

W3CREW will be launching a limited beta version in the next few days. Holders of Cosmic Crew NFTs will receive benefits, including an exclusive badge on their profile and being featured on the homepage, increasing their visibility and chances of getting hired. They will also have access to ProCrew, the pro version of the W3CREW service marketplace, which includes 0% transaction fees and more.

Cosmic Crew and W3CREW were co-founded by CREM and Beast in August 2022. Cosmic Crew's founders believe in building the community through art and are committed to providing a unique hand-drawn collection of art that reflects their brand and resonates with their holders.

In conclusion, Cosmic Crew's NFT collection and W3CREW platform offer a unique and valuable proposition for those interested in web3 freelancing and NFTs. The labor of love and attention to detail that has gone into the art collection, coupled with the convenience and security provided by W3CREW, make it a promising project to watch out for.

Cosmic Crews Link's

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