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Code Canvas Launches Long-Form Generative Art Marketplace on Solana Blockchain

Code Canvas, a new marketplace dedicated to long-form generative art, has launched on the Solana blockchain. The team behind Code Canvas has a passion for this unique art form and believes that it deserves a dedicated space for display and trading. The marketplace is designed to provide a heavily curated primary market, as well as an ideal experience for the secondary market.

Long-form generative art is a type of art created using algorithmic or computational approaches. In this art form, artists often set up a set of rules or parameters that guide the generative process, but the exact outcome of the artwork is not predetermined. Code Canvas secondary market is extremely easy to use and supports fixed price secondary sales.

Code Canvas is committed to supporting artists by providing a rigorous 12-week experience that includes art direction, curation, code audit and testing, and marketing. The team believes that this is critical because of the nature of long-form generative art. The platform also uses programmatic NFTs to guarantee artists their royalties. This is a game changer for artists who have seen their royalties plunge on other platforms.

Code Canvas is also looking for artists who can push the boundaries in the space. Applicants must provide a biography, portfolio, and detailed description of their proposed project with any supporting materials to showcase what they would like to drop on Code Canvas.

The team at Code Canvas is excited about the potential of Solana's fast and scalable blockchain. They plan to release around 30 curated drops in the first year, with the goal of creating a sustainable environment for long-form generative art on Solana. Code Canvas aims to be the preeminent brand for long-form generative art in the long-term.

Code Canvas' third drop is scheduled for April 6th and features Kelly Milligan, a former Artblocks curated artist. The team is constantly engaging with the community through an active Discord and Twitter community, artist talks, and educational content.

Code Canvas is proud of its active community and is committed to rewarding holders of past drops with whitelists for future drops. The primary source of feedback is around product improvement ideas, and the team has enjoyed implementing those ideas.

Overall, Code Canvas is an exciting new addition to the Solana blockchain and the world of long-form generative art. With a strong commitment to artists and a focus on community engagement, the platform is well-positioned to become a leader in the space.

Code Canvas Link's

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