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Bluecaster Launches a Provably Fair PvP Game that Uses NFTs as Bets

Bluecaster, a new NFT project, is releasing a PvP game that allows players to bet using NFT tokens. In addition to the usual tokens, players can place bets on the total deposit, which is then raffled off among the participants at the end of the round. Bluecaster's game is based on a provably fair system, ensuring clean and transparent gameplay. The odds of winning in the current round are indicated as a percentage under the avatars of the round's participants.

To join the game, players must connect their wallet, place their bet and wait for the start of the round. The platform charges a commission of 2% for bets, and it supports most of the NFT collections from marketplaces. Players can communicate in live chat with other players and view their history of games and statistics on their Bluecaster profile.

The game is mobile-adapted, allowing players to enjoy it and win anytime from their phone. The minimum bet for the game is 0.001 of any token, and there is no maximum limit. Players can bet with different tokens and make a maximum of 10 bets in one round, and 50 in a game for all. The final bet is equal to the sum of all tokens placed.

The Bluecaster game is just one of the main products of the Bluecaster ecosystem. The project aims to create a collection consisting of unique NFTs with captivating designs and a distinct blue palette. Bluecaster's artists have worked hard to convey an air of mystery and give their NFTs a unique charm.

If players are lucky enough to hold a Bluecaster NFT, they will receive daily passive income from the game. Automatic payments occur every three days, and holders will also gain access to various utilities, raffles, airdrops, and much more.

Bluecaster's team includes experienced professionals in marketing, social media, and creative content strategy. The project's founders are committed to providing a trustworthy and exciting gaming experience for players.

Additionally, the platform's limited token support could limit the number of players who can participate in the game. The Bluecaster NFT collection is still small, which may limit its appeal to potential buyers and make it more difficult for holders to sell and make a profit. Furthermore, while the game offers a unique use case for NFTs, there may be limited other use cases for the NFTs in the collection, which could impact their long-term value.

The project's lack of regulation by any government agency could raise concerns about fraud, security, and fairness. Though the project claims to be provably fair, there may still be questions regarding the game's integrity and the safety of user funds.

In saying this, Bluecaster's game offers a new and unique way to enjoy NFTs, providing an exciting and provably fair platform for players to bet and win using their NFT tokens. The project's commitment to transparency and fairness make it a reliable and trustworthy option for those looking to try their luck in the world of NFT gaming.

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