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Arena: The NFT Platform with a Winning Strategy for Everyone

Arena introduces a unique NFT gaming platform that balances fun, addiction, and rewards. The platform aims to provide users with an exciting gaming experience while also rewarding them. The founder of Arena, in an interview with me, explained how the platform is different from other NFT projects in the market. The POL mechanism, known as the Perfect Overall Loop, ensures that every loop ends with a win. Even players who lose the game receive a 50% reward of $LUCK token, making it a fairer betting environment for everyone.

$LUCK token is the core token of all utilities built by Arena, including NFT raffles, auctions, minting, fiat coupons, physical products, and more. Holders of the token have the power to decide its price, and the platform plans to distribute 80% of its revenue profit to all holders weekly. The platform's weekly performance report will be posted to ensure transparency.

Arena has a ranking system that rewards players with special frames, extra rakeback bonuses, extra referral rewards, free raffle tickets, and more. The Gods of Poker monthly tournament is the largest tournament in Arena, and the top 30 performance players in Arena 3Cards Poker automatically enter the tournament. The platform opens bets for each game, and customers can bet on each player's hand in every game, similar to sportsbooks.

The Arena team is focused on partnerships with utility providers to give full perks to Arena holders and $LUCK token holders. The platform plans to continue building more games, releasing them monthly, and offering more perks to holders and the community. The NFTs on the Arena platform come with unique American Anime art style with pastel color, and their rarity does not affect their utility.

Arena holders enjoy 80% rev share from platform earnings, free perks from utility partnership providers, real-life events, and exclusive platform rewards early access. The platform aims to ensure the long-term value and utility of the NFTs for holders by continuing to innovate and build more fun games. The secondary market for Arena NFTs will have AMM pools and Loan pool in a few providers, and the platform plans to inject crypto debit cards and some other services to enhance the value and utility of Arena NFTs.

The team believes the Arena platform has the best dev and cybersecurity team to ensure security and stability. The platform's main goal is to build a perfect rewarding gaming platform for everyone by offering a fair betting environment, exciting gaming experience, and rewards to all players. The platform is constantly evolving, and the team plans to keep innovating to change the game of the betting industry with its unique POL mechanism. This is one to take note off.

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