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KYDS NFT Project: Unleashing Retro-Fun, Revenue Share, and AI-Powered Discord Bots.

KYDS promises innovative utilities and mobile-friendly games for its community. The team believes in the quality of its PFPs, and as such, has chosen to keep them unchanged forever, with full IP rights belonging to their owners. KYDS members will have access to a revenue share from game fees and exclusive game competitions with meaningful rewards. In addition, members will have free access to AI tools via Discord, exclusive seminars, and high-quality PFP art.

The KYDS NFT project aims to tick every box seen as mandatory for a strong NFT project. The project boasts high-quality art, a strong brand identity, a rewarding community experience, innovative utilities, a long-term vision, and an experienced team. The project also focuses on mobile-friendly, skill-based games, Web3 tools and applications, AI-powered Discord bots, and educational seminars.

KYDS has released hints of its roadmap milestones, including a playable alpha before the main mint, a unique self-developed sign-up and invite tool, a completed collection before main mint, a max 72-hour wait for reveal, staking ready right after reveal, and ongoing development of new games.

KYDS has chosen not to include any mechanic for trait edits, swaps or drops after the PFP has been minted. The gamified reveal process leading up to the minting may allow for some customization options, but the final product will remain unchanged forever, with full IP rights belonging to the owner.

The project features a mobile-friendly platform of retro-themed classic, mini, and arcade games that support community building and reward distribution in a fun and competitive way. Users can collect leaderboard points for prizes and later also wager crypto in PvP games. KYDS members will have exclusive access to leaderboard competitions for attractive prizes. The team focuses on skill-based games or those with a mix of skill and RNG, but no casino games.

KYDS NFT offers an easy-to-use tool for building a semi-curated community and distributing pre-sale or whitelist spots, and a user-friendly mint experience with options for modifications before permanent minting. Every tool that KYDS builds, it will also offer to other teams.

KYDS has chosen to share its general direction and key milestones while remaining open to pivoting and adapting to unexpected challenges. The project aims to maintain surprise, with the team revealing hints instead of exposing all details at once.

KYDS Link's

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