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Kami Introduces Unique Generative Collection of Non-Conforming Gods-In-Training

Kami, a web3-based project, is launching a new generative collection of PFPs called “rebellious, non-conforming gods-in-training” in search of their true calling in life.

According to the team, Kami’s mission goes beyond fostering a community and displaying art. They aim to push boundaries with their lore, brand-building tools, and SaaS products. Kami's core foundation consists of five components, which include developing a captivating and immersive world that instills a sense of ownership and uniqueness among holders, creating a fun, clean, and simple PFP collection, earning souls over time from their proprietary non-custodial staking platform, offering software products to their holders and NFT collectors across all chains, and establishing a unique and independent brand identity while investing in the personal brands of their community.

Art is the foundation of any NFT project, and at Kami, the team believes that better art does not always equal a better result. The project aims to create a unique, fun, clean, and simple PFP that resonates with its holders. The Kami art process started in July 2022, and the co-founder, who did not start out as an artist, improved his skills through daily practice. After six months, the team finalized the PFP character and experimented with suitable background colors.

Kami's proprietary non-custodial staking platform allows holders to earn souls, which can be exchanged for rewards and unique experiences. Souls are earned by Kami through a 'proof of history' approach and are not a token. Once enough souls are collected, holders can take advantage of discounted SaaS products, access the Eclipse ecosystem's point of entry, attend events and experiences, acquire premium-grade merchandise and collectibles, and collaborate with artists for one-of-a-kind creations.

The project's first product, Eclipse, is a software solution designed to enhance the experience of NFT collectors and holders across all blockchains. It aims to transform the way we interact with our NFT collections, by offering new possibilities to showcase and connect with the Web3 community. Eclipse will not be gatekept to just holders or blockchain, although Kami holders will have exclusive benefits.

In conclusion, Kami offers a cool immersive PFP collection and promises a community-driven platform that fosters growth and offers utility beyond just owning an NFT. It's early days but this is one to keep an eye on.

Kami Link's

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